Ravindra Jadeja will replace Hardik Pandya if needed: Virat Kohli on the proposed ban


Following inappropriate comments by cricket players KL Rahul and Hardik Pandya on Koffee, Karan said the BCCI could ban players from playing two matches.
While the Indian team is ready to face Australia in a three-game series of ODI, Pandya may well miss the matches if the ban comes to an end. However, captain Virat Kohli is not too worried because he thinks Ravindra Jadeja can be integrated into the team as a versatile player instead of Pandya.
"We played in India against the West Indies with a spinner and a spinner, so it's good to have someone like Jadeja who can play the role of the all-around player if such a scenario occurs" said Kohli on the eve of the match. first ODI against Australia.
"So we are not too stressed as a team (about Hardik Pandya's situation) because you will always have something to do to create that balance for the camp, and therefore we keep the players who can provide a balance with the bat and the ball as a backup anyway, "he added.

"Our plans will not be affected"

Virat Kohli Ravi ShastriVirat Kohli (left) and Ravi Shastri (right) BEN STANSALL / AFP / Getty Images

The captain has already said that the Indian team has nothing to do with the words of the duo and that his team will stick to his own plans, whatever the result.
"I do not think we will have too many problems if we have to change our combinations, we are comfortable enough as a group and any combination we are going with," he said.
Acting World Cup projects, the captain conceded that the goal would be to identify the players for the different places leading to the brand tournament and that, as a result, the workload players will be closely monitored.
"Some points that might need correction will be examined, but other than that, the idea is to make sure that combination and this team play together for the whole period before the World Cup," Kohli said.