In 2019, I Stan Kate Beckinsale and no one else


Listen to people, I am an imperfect human. I make mistakes! Many of them! Tbh I am silly and bad !! However, my biggest mistake so far is to ignore Kate Beckinsale's presence on Instagram.

But I swear, in 2019, I will change my habits. In 2019, I'm Kate Beckinsale! More precisely, Kate Beckinsale on Instagram.

But first, to dispel any concerns or doubts about the legitimacy of his Instagram account:

ACCORD, SUPER. Now let's move on to that.

Kate Beckinsale's Instagram is a hidden gem.

It's unexpected and surprising at every turn.

And things that are adjacent to the vagina.

But she does not discriminate. There are penises too.

Penis subtle, but penis anyway!

I do not know her personally and as a result, I have no idea what I should expect as an Instagram captioner, but that's not what I'm looking for. I waited and I have to confess, I love it! I love everything!

She is really a darling legend!

And I forget it for years.

This will be the biggest regret of my life !!

She makes speech really enjoyable. In fact … I think I could just go and buy a Russell Hobbs kettle right now for 20% off !!!

But it is not even legends that we can see so clearly in the naked eye. This is also what lies deep in the comments section.

She speaks the truth and does it so eloquently!

His returns are simple, but strong.

She defends herself but forgives quickly. She is merciful !!!

Plus, she's just old-fashioned.

AND, she talks about the dangers of tiny earplugs made of foam. This is an activist !!

But, as if her own page was not enough, there is what she writes on her daughter's page. (Lily Sheen is her child with Father Michael Sheen, just for your information.)

If it was my mother, I would probably be "mom stop", but since it's her, I say "mom, go!"

But also, she is the mother of blackmail! So sweet and yet sinister. Fill my heart with joy !!

Basically, we must learn from history. And history has proven that Kate Beckinsale is the biggest celebrity on Instagram. No offense Chrissy Tiegen !!!

So now that we are in 2019, I have learned the mistake of my ways and I will change them. I'm only going to color Kate Beckinsale. In fact, she has already proven that it was a good cause.

In conclusion: Stan with me or be like this guy.