Hailey Bieber discusses bareminerals, self-esteem and social media


In November, I met Hailey Bieber at the exclusive Soho Farmhouse Oxfordshire, two hours from London, to talk about his partnership with bareMinerals and celebrate their #PowerOfGood campaign (as well as his thoughts on social media, comparing myself to other people, and personal care because I'm curious like that). "You look so cold," she said, swaddled in an oversized red coat, snuggled in the sofa in a comfortable cabin in which she was doing interviews for the day. . "I'm freezing!" I replied as she took my hands and held them to warm my fingers before starting our conversation. A small gesture, but it led me to suppose a few things: 1) she was attentive and thoughtful, 2) she was charming, which meant that she would probably be open and honest in our conversation, and 3 ) she loved hydration. because his hands were wildly soft, and it was not easy to do in the cold English. In discussing with us, I discovered that I was right for the three things. #psychicpowersornah ?! At a time when everything is apparently filtered, on and off social networks, Bieber is simply naked (no pun intended) in the best possible way. There is no facade, nothing seems repeated. For our meeting, she is making efforts in her monochromatic style, but it is not excessive. His answers do not look like fake Instagram legends, but his true thoughts and feelings. At one point, she admits to not knowing everything and knowing what she brings to the table. Every girls team has a friend like her. The thrill that is always on the positive waves; the one whose informal conversation is peppered with odds that make you go, Yo, it's pretty deep. Whoever never asks "What does everyone wear?" in the focus group because she's going to wear what she wants, no matter what the rest of you do. It makes sense that Hailey Bieber is a face of bareMinerals because, just like the brand, she is always consistent and she is aware of her. quality so as not to feel the urgent need to overcompensate for relevance. After our conversation, the reason for his celebrity was clear. Of course, her maiden and married names come with high privileges. But it's his franchise that catches the attention of his 16 million or so Instagram followers. Because in the end, people just want authenticity, from brands to celebrities to personal relationships. During our conversation, Hailey understood how she stood out of make-up-free makeup, what she wanted to be better and how she was doing better.

You opt for minimal and natural makeup. Which products are you using?

Usually, if I do it, it's a little corrector. I like the Mineral Sail bareMinerals finish powders. I like to look shiny, but not greasy because my skin is very wet, naturally, which does not displease. Usually, I just powder the areas where I need it, as well as a little cheek, highlighter and mascara. And that's all.

I was about to ask, do you have an eyeliner?

No I do not. Just an eye shadow, the Latte palette; it's a good one!

We are at a time when "extra" is so prestigious, especially on social networks, but you seem so cold and authentic.

You know what it is, it is so exhausting to try to be extra. Duty, like, try so hard to get dressed or put those extravagant outfits together. It's just as for what? I think there is something so cool about being just oneself. I am so in clothes and fashion. I like to be put together. I like to look cool, but I also feel that it can be sweaty and a big coat and sneakers. I just think that natural beauty has something great and that I can just be yourself. I think accessibility is much more appealing than when you see a picture of someone you admire and say: "It's just inaccessible to me."

Why bareMinerals so prominently? Because it's a big deal; you are the face of a brand!

I'm just thinking of coming back to what I just said. Team up with someone who makes sense to me because they understand the natural and bare beauty and that is something that fits my style. It was an easy partnership. It was not like a big situation back and forth. It was a meeting and it was everything.
I just made a campaign, and that is for the Rescue Stick Rescue which is a really cool product. It's like the Rescue Complexion that they already have, but they did it in a more portable way. It's a bit like a base and a concealer all in one. It's easy to travel, and it's coming out in March!

Which skin care products do you use?

In fact, I use the total cleaning oil. It's really good to wear makeup. I have trouble trying to remove my makeup, and their wipes are really great too. I also use Barbara Sturm skin products. I have it now for almost two years. I met her some time ago in Paris. She sort of came in and gave me all the spiel on the blood and how it works. I am fascinated by something medical! That was it; she had me there.
[Editor’s note: In an interview with Elle, Baldwin said she love’s Sturm’s MC1 Blood Moisturizer. “She creates these blood creams where she’ll pull the blood out and put your plasma in the cream. It’s not red, but they split it so it’s the plasma from your blood,” the model said. “She takes my blood and stores it, so I’ll do it once and then go back to restock every couple of months. You can never be too young to care about your skin. I don’t know, I’m a weirdo and love sci-fi beauty.”]

What advice would you give to teens today because social media is so huge now? When I was growing up it was not even really a thing.

It was not even so bad for me as probably three or four years ago. I mean Facebook and MySpace, then there was Tumblr. It's gone through phases, you know, but now it's so much bigger and everything. Of course, I still see things that bother me. I still read sometimes, and it's obviously very difficult for me because everything in my life is so much magnified right now and that every move I make, every move in my family is the object of my life. special attention. I think people have to remember something. Is there a kind of freedom that people feel behind a computer screen? They think that they can just have that alternative character, just intimidate people and make themselves feel better, to people that they do not even know about. What seems so strange and frightening to me is that I see people talking about their lives and their relationships and just thinking and doing things, and I guess it's like: Where are we now? you come to that? It makes you begin to guess so much if you really feed it. I think it just does something to your soul if you pay close attention to it. I think taking breaks on social media is really important. It sometimes happens that I simply remove the app from my phone for a week or two. It really frees me because I think I found myself in the urgency of seeing what everyone was doing. It's almost like you're feeling this crazy FOMO all the time because you do not see what's going on all the time. I think it's bad for your health – the constant need to pick up your phone and update your stream just to see what's going on or what's missing. You will not miss anything, because in one way or another, you will discover things in the world. You will discover what is happening in the world through the news or anything. I just think I can stand back and not let him devour you. [is important].

Yes, and many girls have admitted to comparing themselves to others on social media. How about that?

I had trouble with the comparison. I come from a modeling world where it is very easy to compare myself to my own friends. You are just surrounded by a lot of beauty. I would say that every girl has a hard time comparing herself, whether on social networks or [something else]. There will always be other women or girls with whom you will not feel safe, or with whom you will compare: and if it is this and I am not that? or if I am this and she is this? It always happens, no matter what, you know? I just think I had to learn, and my parents have taught me all my life that individuality is so important. There is only one you. I think a lot of girls have a hard time feeling unable to bring something to the table, but they forget that you, just yourself, bring something to the table as there are some no other.
Everyone has their own thing. It may take a little while to find it; I always have trouble with that, you know? What do I offer, what do I bring? I just think girls need to look more inside and look at themselves, and it's not just a question of look. Everything on the Internet, at one point, is like it's a false reality. That's what it is. You look at people's lives through pictures and you do not see their real life. For me, social media has a lot more to do with work. I use it more as a tool than to show my life. I also love being able to keep in touch with supporters and people who have supported me.

How do you practice personal care?

I think that my way of practicing self-help is to devote time to my personal life and to make sure that I try to rest as much as possible. Being in a place like this, taking the time to relax and go to the spa or go out and watch a movie – for me, it's taking care of yourself. Relax and be kind to your body, because I am the kind of person where I can go, go, leave. I will rush. I have been doing this for three or four years now while I am learning now that I have limitations. I can not do everything.

The bareMinerals #PowerOfGood campaign is about doing good for yourself and for others. What are you working on as a person? What do you want to be better?

What I have tried to be better is simply … pay attention to little things, like being nice in all circumstances. If someone is your waiter or waitress, do your utmost to say, "Thank you very much." Or notice things and congratulate people, because honestly, what it does for you too – I think it's like a way to be almost purifying the soul. What I tried to do was go out of my way. I think there was a time when I did not care and where I did not get in the way with people. It's so important because we all try to live together in this world.

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