Kendall Jenner just left the biggest thirst trap for Ben Simmons and he fell for that

For seventeen years, while all the other Kardashian sisters have settled into their love lives, your favorite, Kendall Jenner, still seems to live as a single person. I mean, fries before guys (or pizza boys), right? But then came a summer adventure with basketball player Ben Simmons, which seemed to end when the leaves began to change and the air began to cool. Kendall left, maybe with his BFB (brother of his best friend). It did not last very long either, and now, with the upcoming handcuffing season, Kendall seems to be back with Ben for the colder months. Need a refreshing of this complicated relationship, on-again-off-again? Honestly, the same. Check out the timeline below.January 10, 2019: If the Kardashian / Jenners know anything, it's how to leave a foolproof trap against thirst, which no one can resist. Ben Simmons fell in prayer for Kendall Jenner when she posted an extremely seductive video on her Instagram account. Yeah, she may have worked hard for the shoot, but she looks great. Ben did not waste any time, commenting, "Come here" on the post. Unfortunately, Ben was in Washington when Kendall posted the picture, playing against the Washington Wizards (at least they won). The good news is that we are certain that Kendall will be just as fabulous next time Ben is in Los Angeles.January 1, 2019: Kendall Jenner attended another Ben Simmon basketball game on New Year's Day, much to the disappointment of Philadelphia 76ers fans.

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according to PeopleThe fans of the 76ers are afraid of the famous "Kardashian Kurse", which is losing the matches of basketball players attending one of the famous sisters every time she attends. This fear even prompted fans to create a page forbidding it literally to attend Ben's games. On the page, a fan blames Kendall for the defeat of his team, "the worst team in the world. the league, the Cleveland Cavaliers ". The petition already has more than 10,000 signatures, but according to Michael Rubin, the Sixers co-owner, Kendall will not go anywhere. "I think Kendall is great," said Michael. Internal business. "I was with Kendall a few days ago and Kendall insisted on going home and having a good night's sleep when Ben wanted to stay out for a late dinner." Michael called the petition "ridiculous" by saying, "Kendall has had a great influence on [Ben]and we've won every game she's played, but so far. "December 2018: The rumor that Kendall had his hand, Ben Simmons, must really miss his bae in this holiday season. After the model posted a glamorous solo photo of Kardashian's annual Christmas party, the basketball player seemed to be speechless, just commenting on two emojis drooling over the picture.

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Seriously, someone has water to this guy because he is thirsty!December 2, 2018: Last week it was reported by We weekly although Ben and Kendall hang out after their short summer adventure, "they are not exclusive and they will never be friends [and] Despite this definitive statement, Kendall's actions prove the opposite. Kendall recently attended three of Ben's basketball games in a week, even sitting with his mother at the last event. to sing, to chat all night watching Ben play.

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Hm, would you introduce anyone to your mother if you had never planned to become serious? I do not think so! It seems like things are really warming up too, just in time for the holidays.November 23-25, 2018: After a rumor that the model Anwar Hadid would lead nowhere, Kendall Jenner seems to be back with his basketball basketball player, Ben Simmons. The day after Thanksgiving, Kendall attended Ben's match against the Cleveland Cavaliers (where she also took the opportunity to boo Tristan Thompson). ).

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In response to the heckling, Khloé defended Kendall stating that "my sister was watching HER man play against my man," adding that the model and the athlete were reunited again.

What he did was damn and disgusting. What you are looking at is more than seven months old. We have spent countless hours of help. My sister was watching HER man Play against my man … So, of course, she's going to heckle the opposing team. Why are you confused? – Khloe (@khloekardashian) November 25, 2018

The next night, the two men headed for a French restaurant, according to TMZ, a very romantic place to have a date, if you ask me. But their weekend together did not stop there. Kendall also attended Ben's match Sunday as well and was seen going crazy, cheering for his bae in the stands.

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So what do you think? Has Kendall just spent his weekend with a friend or are the two together?September 3, 2018: Apparently, Kendall Jenner has a new man in his life. according to TMZWe saw Kendall become very comfortable with Anwar Hadid, Bella's brother and Gigi. Both spent the Labor Day weekend and even saw them kissing at Nobu on Sunday night. This is not the first time that Kendall and Anwar are linked. Kendall posted a photo of these two people in October 2016 with the legend "dibs" while marking his sisters in the photo. Although Kendall is much more confidential about her relationships, including the previous one, she looks like Ben she makes fun of privacy when it comes to her new son-in-law.August 31, 2018: After a summer adventure, it seems that the couple decided to quit smoking. Although the two men are alike and apparently still in touch, their busy schedule has separated them. "Kendall's relationship with Ben is dispelling due to scheduling conflicts," said one source We weekly. "Kendall is so busy and has so much to do and does not want to wait for anyone." E!Kendall has never been "fully engaged" with Ben. "She always wanted to keep her options open – she loves Ben, but she knew it was more of a summer adventure." Now that the summer is almost over, it's time for Kenny to return to work. The boys can wait.August 14, 2018: The couple sunbaths together in Mexico, alongside Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson.
The couple kept silent on social media, but a source told E! Online, they arrived in Mexico just after the big party of Kylie, who was turning 21: "They spent a few fun days spending time at the pool and at the beach at Joe Francis's in Punta Mita." People "She is very confidential about her relationship with Ben, and Kendall is very different from her sisters in that sense," the source said. "Honestly, she does not want people to talk about her dating and is very protective of her personal life – she hates attention."July 20, 2018: The couple was seen together at Ben's 22nd birthday party. An invitation to a party is a large Not in a relationship, so maybe both of them get serious. Kendall looks super happy to accompany him to the party and what cake does not he have? familiar air? It's totally like those that the Kardashian / Jenner clan receives for every birthday, every year! Maybe it was provided by Kendall! What a sweet gf.
July 4, 2018: Looks like Kendall and Ben were getting very comfortable on July 4th! Kendall's sister, Khloe, hosted the most fabulous holiday party and shared many moments about her Instagram stories. In one of the videos that a fan shared on Twitter, you can see that Kendall is backing against Ben.Ben also posted articles on his Instagram account and shared a photo of the nails of Kendall.

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We know that they belong to Kendall because they look exactly like the long and brilliant manicure that she showed on her Instagram account.June 27, 2018: While fans could not help speculating on the scope of this burgeoning love story, Kendall herself seemed to confirm things recently when she was seen publicly kissing Ben at A gas station. Ben put his head in the car and Kendall leaned over to put one on him. You can see the pictures here. Another big step in their relationship: the couple now lives in a house rented at $ 25,000 per month, according to TMZ.Anwar, meanwhile, is no longer on the picture since their film was filmed.June 17, 1818: Kendall and Ben have recently been spotted at Erewhon Market in Los Angeles, which specializes in health products. Page six. The two men had a discreet date when they "were both leafing in front of them, in a clear place," a witness told the news channel, and they "definitely did not hide their relationship with anyone." is". The source also said they were "shy" and "exchanging glances [but were] Interesting. Before this gourmet outing, Ben and Kenny were seen shopping at Barneys while Simmons was carrying a shopping bag. Was the bag his? Or did he buy something for his Kendall bae ?!June 12, 2018: Is Kendall committed to Ben? Or is she just trying to go out and go out more often? It seems that the latter might be true. A source said People that Kendall just wants to have a good time. "Kendall is having fun. She does not want a serious relationship and just loves to be single. She feels that every time she has been serious with guys in the past, it's a little mess and it does not work. She invests time in the relationship with Blake Griffin. She does not plan to do the same for the moment, "said the source.June 5, 2018: In the middle of all these lovely lovey-dovey clocks, a new bae has come into the picture. On June 5, 2018, Kenny was seen locking his lips with Gigi's little brother and Bella Hadid, Anwar. The two men were seen together at Socialista New York, where they would have spent hours kissing, cuddling, and flirting like idiotic lovers. TMZ After the movie, the fans wondered if Simmons and Jenner were officially asking to leave the game, but it seems that the game is still in progress (and Kenny plays hard on the field).June 3, 2018: The two men were also seen cycling together in West Hollywood. Kendall rocked black jeans and a white cropped top while driving his blue car. Ben wore a white t-shirt and gray shorts.
May 29, 2018: According to Page Six, the two men were seen at the end of May at the Beverly Hills Hotel. They were also seen in a Manhattan restaurant called Vandal. "Security measures seemed to have been taken to make Kendall and Ben enjoy the worry-free night," said a witness. "They smiled all night with their friends."(# You might also like,,)