Ballin & # 39; celebrity kids live their best lives

Blue Ivy was credited on a song two days after her birth.More

If you thought it was hard enough to keep in touch with celebrities, try to follow their babies. Social media has a way of making us feel inadequate. You have just rented your first apartment? Well, someone on your calendar just bought his first home. Just received a promotion? Someone on the Instagram Exploration page opens his third company. And these celebrity kids will ask you to reevaluate your whole life. Hollywood kids live here big and we have a big FOMO.

Blue Ivy Carter

Age: 7 years Parents: Jay-Z and BeyonceFirst, Blue Ivy's mother is Beyonce. How can you even surpass it? She was credited on Jay-Z's song, "Glory" while she was only 2 days old. What do most babies do at the age of 2 days? Lying around waiting for someone to feed them.

Asahd Khaled

Age: 2 Parents: DJ Khaled and Nicole TuckAt the age of 4 months, Asahd had already produced his first album "Grateful" from his father, DJ Khaled. The latter also has good friends with Rihanna, Drake, Nas, Diddy and Justin Bieber, to name a few, according to Money. Who are your friends again?

Stormi Webster

Age: 11 months Parents: Kylie Jenner and Travis ScottYou get a Louis Vuitton bag! You get a Louis Vuitton bag! Every Kardashian gets a Louis Vuitton bag! Aunt Kim Kardashian gave all the babies in her family a designer handbag. In addition to having his own room behind the scenes of Travis Scott's dad, the concerts are filled with everything a baby can dream about, Stormi has been to Nobu's sushi restaurant, a prominent child's car Fendi and make trips in private jets as if it was not looking at anyone.

Kulture Kiari Cephus

Age: 6 months Parents: Cardi B and shiftIt is therefore not surprising that Offset and Cardi B's baby live a vibrant lifestyle. Reeek has created dazzling Swarvoski crystal dazzling sneakers for Kulture. Where do you keep your crystal sneakers? Next to your crystal rocking chair or next to your sumptuous gold bed? Because Kulture has both.

Kaavia James Union Wade

Age: 2 months Parents: Gabrielle Union and Dwyane WadeAs you celebrate the holidays eating a dry turkey with the family and remembering embarrassing moments, 2-month-old Kaavia James was living her best life on a yacht in Miami. Oh and P.S., she already met Oprah too.

Harper Grace and Gideon Scott Burtka-Harris

Age: 8 years old Parents: Neil Patrick Harris and David BurtkaDo you remember your first summer in the Hamptons? We neither because it has never happened. But you know who's going to the Hamptons? The eight-year-old twins Harper Grace and Gideon Scott. They also spent holidays in France, Italy and Puerto Rico. We have already eaten pizza, so it's like we're having a vacation in Italy, right?

Luna and Miles Legend

Ages: 2 and 7 months Parents: Chrissy Teigen and John LegendLuna had it own restaurant 2-year menu Meanwhile, some of us still have to ask anxiously if the server can replace the potatoes with fruit – peasants. As for Miles? He has already enjoyed the holidays in Bali and the hot tubs with bucket.

Brielle, Ariana, Kroy Jagger Jr., Kash and the twins Kaia and Kane Biermann

Age: 21 , 17 , 7 , 6 , 5 Parents: Kim Zolciak-Biermann and Kroy BiermannWe would just like to be treated with one of Kim Zolciak-Biermann's children. His four youngest children have all received a mini motorized car for Christmas. Zolciak-Biermann also published photos of these people basking in a comfortable hammock on the beach and wearing robes worthy of royalty.

North, Saint and West Chicago

Age: 5 , 3 and 11 months