It may be cold in Aspen, but that did not stop Kourtney Kardashian from showing skin on Saturday night. The amazing Kardashian family The 39-year-old star is out in the Colorado hotspot as she goes out for dinner with her ex-boyfriend Scott Disick, 35, and his girlfriend Sofia Richie, 20. All were spotted by photographers as they left a local pharmacy. Before dinner at Casa Tua.Kardashian Italian restaurant paired her transparent shirt, which she wore without a bra, to a tuxedo style short-sleeved trench coat with a long tail and black tight pants with matching boots.Disick – who shares the daughter Penelope Scotland, 6 and her sons Mason Dash, 9, and Reign Aston, 4, with Kardashian – opted for a casual outfit with blue jeans, a black top and a matching trench coat. Richie rocked a black set from head to toe, pricking it with an animal print trench and a magenta handbag.

Kourtney Kardashian, Scott Disick and Sofia RichiePlus

RELATED: "Three companies"! Kourtney Kardashian, Scott Disick and Sofia Richie take a family vacation in MexicoKardashian, Disick and Richie recently spent time together as a trio. A few days before Christmas, the three children were on family vacations in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, with the kids – Disick would caption an Instagram plan with the three sitting on recliners, "What more can a guy ask for? THREE COMPANIES. Giving his seal of approval, Khloé Kardashian tweeted in response to a fan who called his sister's vacation "co-parenting well done! ""Beyond proud of all!!!! It's the love !! Your children first! All the extraordinary adults, just right!RELATED: Sofia Richie links up with the Karjenners – including Kourtney! – on family ski holidays in AspenPrior to the trip, Kardashian had only been seen outside with his ex and Richie on two separate occasions. On November 4, the reality TV star joined the couple for what a source told PEOPLE was a "quick" and "tense" dinner. Then, on November 16th, they all attended a gallery exhibition. One source told PEOPLE that as his relationship with Disick deepened, Richie continued to navigate the complex family dynamics with Kardashian. "She likes Scott and wants to be with him," said the source, "She loves being with Scott and her children." The subject also stated that Richie was happy to have established a bond of trust with Kardashian and had " proved to Kourtney that she was great with her children. "ASSOCIATED VIDEO: Sofia Richie "knows that Kourtney Kardashian is not his" biggest fan "and tries to" treat ": sourceKardashian, Disick and Richie are not the only ones in Aspen. Kim Kardashian West, Kanye West and Kendall Jenner are also in attendance. All five of them were seen on a shopping tour together on Friday night. Then on Saturday, Richie met his former sister, Nicole Richie, Simple life Paris Hilton for costar (and long-time friend of Kardashian West) for a fun and incredibly cold day on the slopes. "It's very cold here, people," Richie said at a clip on Instagram's Story, while she and Hilton were sitting next to each other's Richie's added that despite the weather, the DJ and the 37-year-old hotel heir "seems to be acting as if we were in California." "We're in Los Angeles, bitch," Hilton answered coldly, which caused the couple to start laughing. The cold does not seem to bother Jenner and Kardashian too much. On Sunday, the two sisters showed their impressive figures by wearing swimsuits and snowsuits while standing out in the snow.