Vegas Props: 2011 Super Bowl XLV Odds


Now that the Pro Bowl is over with, NFL fans can get planning on all the parties and festivities that will take place for Super Bowl XLV. The big game will take place on Sunday, February 6th between the Steelers vs Packers and many online sportsbooks have already started listing Vegas prop bets for Super Sunday. How do you bet on a Super Bowl prop bet you ask? Well, Vegas prop bets are basically any wager that is on another event besides the normal Super Bowl odds that usually have nothing to do with the game. Sounds like fun doesn’t it? Let’s take a look at a few…

Christina Aguilera is scheduled to sing the National Anthem for the big game and Vegas prop bets want to know how long it will take the diva to finish with the over/under set at 1-minute 52-seconds. Taking the UNDER would return $110 based on a $100 wager while taking the favored OVER would cost -$150 since Aguilera likes to drag out verses, especially if she is singing acapella. Since bets on the Super Bowl will take place in the Lone Star State, Vegas prop bets also have an interesting wager on whether or not Aguilera will wear a Cowboy hat while belting out the National Anthem with a YES returning +300. Will her hair color be anything but blond? If so, it would return +175.

Ok, enough about Christina, how about Fergie dressed up as a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader during the halftime show? If for some strange reason she does, it would return a whopping +500 if you bet on the Super Bowl XLV prop. If not a cheerleader, what will Fergie’s outfit be for the famed halftime show? Hopefully something similar to what Janet Jackson displayed year’s back but Vegas Super Bowl XLV odds feel the Black Eyed Peas star will be wearing a skirt, dress or pants that go below the knees at EV money while shorts would return +350 and a thong or bikini bottom would pay out +1000.

Since the game is at the new Cowboys Stadium which cost owner Jerry Jones a few pennies, Vegas prop bets have listed an over/under on how many times FOX will broadcast that Texas smile. The OVER 2.5 (-135) is obviously favored while the UNDER 2.5 is listed at -105. Since Brett Favre is the last quarterback to deliver the Packers a championship, Super Bowl XLV odds want to know how many times the announcers on FOX will mention his name with 2.5-times OVER (-140) while the UNDER is at EV money. Finally we will conclude with my favorite bet on the Super Bowl for 2011; which player will FOX announcers think has the better hair between Clay Matthews and Troy Polamalu both at -120. Easy money…

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