Kourtney Kardashian spotted with a mysterious guy in Los Angeles, while Luka Sabbat faces Vegas

A few weeks after Kourtney Kardashian broke up with Younes Bendjima, she was seen with a new guy. Since then, Kourtney and 20-year-old actor Luka Sabbat have been dragging on and off. Here's all you need to know about the relationship between Kourtney and Luka.

January 28, 2019:

Kourtney has just been seen with a new man in Los Angeles while Luka was outside the city. The couple would have spent the weekend apart, while Kourtney met another guy for dinner at Nobu in Los Angeles. According to Daily mailThe mysterious is David Dee, who also travels to the same church as Kourtney. At the same time, Luka was just hours away in Las Vegas and posted a photo of him in front of Caesar's Palace. Kourt and Luka, who have kept their profile low enough on their relationship, still not saying anything that they are together or not. But it seems that they spend time apart after their big ski trip.

January 9, 2019:

Kourtney Kardashian sounded the new year in the mountains with his sisters and Luka also came to ski. While they were in Aspen, they took tons of photos of each other, showing the Grown-ish star hanging out with the Kardashian-Jenner clan. Luka even wore a Kardashian hat while posing for a photo.

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"Kourtney invited Luka to travel with them because he is the friend of the whole group of girls and she thought it would be fun, he was a lot of fun and Kourtney is always happy to see him," said source. E! New. "Luka hears very well with the group and all the sisters love having him with him." Despite their recent trip to the mountains, things are still causal between them. "There's still a lot of chemistry between Kourtney and Luka and they're never in. Kourtney does not go out with anyone and really enjoys it," said the source. E! New. It looks like it will take more than a ski trip for this couple to make things official. <H4 class = "canvas-atom-canvas-text MB (1.0em) Mb (0) – sm Mt (0.8em) – sm" type = "text" content = "December 16, 2018:
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Kourtney launched a big Fortnite bash for the birthday of his son Mason and there was a special person present.Kourt posted videos of the night and one of them introduced Luka while he was trying to hit a piñata.

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It seemed that Luka had had a good time at the party, but Scott was absent from his sons' party. According to GF Sofia Richie's Instagram, the two men were in Saudi Arabia at the time.

Scott did not forget the special day and even published an Insta tribute for the big day of Mason and Reign (they share the same birthday). Maybe they'll both be present for Reign's party? I guess we'll have to wait and find out!

November 6, 2018:

Luka and Kourtney never tire and both were seen together on two different days. The not so official couple decided to do some shopping and Luka was seen helping Kourtney to the task of figuring out what she wanted.

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They then attended Diddy's birthday party Sunday night, where they attended the big party together, according to the same source. E! NewThey obviously are not slowing down and things could be more serious than we thought.

October 30, 2018:

Just a few days ago, Luka Sabbat was seen with model Chiara Scelsi while Kourtney was on vacation with her ex, Scott. Now both are back to hang out, this time enjoying an evening in Los Angeles. "[Kourtney] was all dressed and looked very happy, "said a source E! New. "She did not care that no one saw them together and she was smiling at him." They were apparently never exclusive, which made Luka's previous release with another a-OK girl in Kourt's book. "Kourtney is down, and she's having fun," she says. E!is the source. "She goes there and does not care what it is or is not going to be, she is attracted to him and she likes him." There are no conditions, at all, it's an adventure. "

October 29, 2018:

It seems that it is finished between Kourtney and Luka, after having been seen with his compatriot model Chiara Scelsi. Does this mean that Kourtney and Luka have definitely left? Well, not exactly. "She and Luka are still talking but never going out together," said a source. E! New. "They will stay in social places and everything is normal but they have not seen each other for weeks." Kourt seems to be well after being spotted on vacation in Bali with his sisters and Scott Disick.Before you think that the two ex are officially reunited, it seems that they had just family time, because Scott was then seen with Sofia Richie in Singapore.

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October 10, 2018:

Although it seems that these two never tire enough, a source close to the rumored couple says they enjoy a little time together. "This is nothing serious at the moment," said a source. People. "It makes him feel good to have those hot young guys who are interested in her." He seems to be very interested in her since we saw them meeting together on Wednesday night, where they went to a private event for Off-White. As for their recent outing with Kendall Jenner and Anwar Hadid, the source said it was perfectly normal that they spend time together. "Luka is also a good friend of Kendall," said the source. "He's young and goes with the flow, if everyone says, go out with Kourtney, he'll spend time with her."

October 6, 2018:

Kourtney and Luka had a fun two-man rendezvous, traveling to town with another couple, Kendall Jenner and Anwar Hadid, in Nobu Malibu. The choice of all members of the crew was appropriate, since Kendall and Luka are friends and Luka a lot closer to Kendall and Anwar than to Kourt.

October 3, 2018:

Things seem to be warming up between Kourt and Luka as they went shopping and dined with friends. "Kourtney helped her and shared her feelings with him saying how much she liked what he had chosen," said an eyewitness. E! New. "He was a model in the store and Kourtney was looking at her with a smile, she was very charming and you could say that she found him very attractive in the way she looked at him." According to a source close to Kourtney, she is falling. Things are warming up between the two. "It's becoming more common and more common," said the source. E! New. "Kourtney loves spending time with Luka and finds him super cool and very attractive, he's different from the other guys she's been dating, and she's having fun with him, so she's really excited to know him and see where that comes from. Every time they say goodbye, she can not wait to see him again. "

September 26, 2018:

Kourtney and Luka had their dinner again, this time at Crossroads Kitchen in Los Angeles. The two men were very nice together and Luka even showed his support to the famous Kourt family by tipping a hat "Kardashian". seem to be a factor in their relationship. "They are having fun," said a source People. Kourtney "finds Luka very charming and she is really interested."

September 15, 2018:

The night after dinner at L.A., Luka and Kourtney traveled together to Chicago to attend the opening of TAO Chicago. according to E!Luka "stayed by her side all night, and although she knows a lot of people, Kourtney" devoted her full attention to Luka, "according to the newspaper. E!is the source. "They sat together at a VIP table and were definitely alluring, at one point he got it and Kourtney was smiling, Kourtney looked really happy and they were drinking together and dancing to the beat of the music. . "

September 14, 2018:

Kourtney and Luka were spotted together, head-to-head, for the first time while they were heading to dinner at The Nice Guy in L.A. According to a source of E! New, "They really seemed to bond and have fun." Kourtney smiled a lot and sat next to Luka all the time.

September 3, 2018:

Kourtney and Luka both attended a Kardashian-Jenner barbecue for Labor Day. Although it is difficult to know if they spent time during the event, they both seemed to enjoy themselves.("You might also like")