The game says he made Kylie Jenner "frosted flakes" after explaining about sex with Kim

The game says more about its old relationship with the KarJenner clan. In a new title that debuted at a listening party on Thursday, the rapper explained his sexual history with ex-Kim Kardashian West.A new video, which seems to be a recording of the same song, apparently recounts that The Game is reminiscing about how he took care of Kardashian West's youngest sister, 21-year-old Kylie Jenner.

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"Her sister made a billion makeup / I was doing her frosted flakes when she woke up," said the rapper in a video released by DJ Akademiks. Jenner had already caused a fuss over her taste of cereal l '. last year. In September, she tweeted about milk containing her grain for the first time, calling it a "life changing experience".RELATED: The game becomes explicit about sex with ex-Kim Kardashian West on Song – and apologizes to KanyeOn the new track, 39-year-old The Game also said about her sexual history with KKW Beauty's 38-year-old nabob. "I held Kim Kardashian to the throat, n-. I forced her to swallow my children until she suffocated, n-, "he tells about the song, part of which was filmed by a participant at the party. After the line about Kardashian West, The Game apologizes to her husband, Kanye West. , "I should excuse myself because you, my parents, n-."

According to TMZ, the The amazing Kardashian family star actually dated the game. Although he has already criticized for having sex with "three Kardashians" in "Sauce" in 2016, sources said at the point of sale that his claims were false. The rapper had previously pointed out to Wendy Williams that he was referring to Kim, Khloe Kardashian and Rob Kardashian's ex-Blac Chyna on the track. Neither West nor Kardashian West immediately responded to PEOPLE's request for comment.ASSOCIATED VIDEO: Kris Jenner says her daughter Kylie Jenner is not married to her boyfriend Travis Scott, although she calls him her "husband"Although neither Kardashian West nor her husband had come to the track, it would not be surprising that West – who was in feud with Drake, who previously had not managed to break down rumors that he would have had a relationship with Kardashian West – was upset by the song.Weeks after apparently crush his beef With Drake last year, West attacked him again in December in a series of tweets deleted since: "I've never known until this morning that Drake had followed my wife on Instagram in September, "he wrote in the first tweet deleted since. "I had to talk about it because it's the most excited thing of all and I only saw it this morning," he said in another message that was also deleted. "Imagine having a problem with someone who follows your wife on Instagram."

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RELATED: From the attached album Teases to Twitter Feuds: the chronology of relations between Drake and Kanye WestLast September, Kardashian West became involved in the two-player quarrel while Nick Cannon and DJ Akademiks had speculated that Drake and the makeup mogul might have had a romantic affair. the past. However, Kardashian West quickly put an end to this line on Instagram, "Never happened. End of the story. "