Since a large part of us spend most of our week at work (note: bleak), it is important to feel at ease in your environment and enjoy what you are doing vaguely. That said, sometimes, while you might not be completely passionate about the actual work, there might be benefits at work and perks that make it worthwhile. Whether it's free tea and coffee or flexible working hours in the summer, a nice working environment can make the difference.

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The work that employees want, depending on their age

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A new Get Living study asked 2000 employees what they wanted their office to offer to make them happier at work, and found that people's idea of ​​a good benefit has changed as they get older. While the elderly between 18 and 24 years prefer unlimited holidays, 33 to 45 people are most interested in flexible working hours. It is surprising that one free vacation per year, free dental care and breakfast supplies, as well as free tea and coffee both have made. The older category of employees rated increased pension premiums, while the younger group wanted access to mental health care.

The work that employees want, depending on their age

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View the comparative lists below: The benefits for the work of 18 to 24 year-olds are the most:

  1. Unlimited vacation days
  2. Flexible working hours
  3. Dentistry
  4. Free breakfast supplies
  5. One free vacation per year
  6. Access to mental health care
  7. sPrivate healthcare
  8. Discounts for retailers and restaurants
  9. Free coffee and tea
  10. Help with housing
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      The work benefits of 35- to 44-year-olds want the most:

      1. Flexible working hours
      2. Increased pension contribution
      3. Unlimited vacation days
      4. Free coffee and tea
      5. One free vacation per year
      6. Extra holidays for long service
      7. Private health care
      8. Dentistry
      9. Free eye tests
      10. Free breakfast supplies
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