Margaret Atwood writes a sequel to the Handmaid & # 39; s Tale


The television adaptation of The Handmaid & # 39; s Tale has already moved from the original novel by Margaret Atwood with the same name. But the Canadian author of the dystopian classic has now written her own sequel; The Testaments is published on September 10, 2019 by Nan A. Talese / Doubleday.The Handmaid & # 39; s Tale was originally published more than thirty years ago, in 1985; it tells the story of a future version of the United States called Gilead, where fertile women are enslaved by government officials and forced to be raped to provide children for the ruling class. In less than a year we can finally discover what happened to Offred and her co-maids. The sequel stands 15 years after the last scene of Offred in the novel.

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"Here is the front of #thestestaments … The back will follow soon …", wrote the author, who shares the book cover on Twitter. Given the critical success of the Hulu TV show, in which Elisabeth Moss stars as stars, there is a question about how closely the sequel and the series will be linked. But in a release the publisher stated: "The Testaments is not connected to the TV adaptation of The Handmaid & # 39; s Tale. "Atwood added:" Dear readers: everything you have ever asked me about Gilead and his inner workings is the inspiration for this book. Well, almost everything! The other inspiration is the world in which we lived. & # 39;

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That is a bit disconcerting, but not surprising. The Handmaid & # 39; s Tale is praised for its representation of a heterogynistic and totalitarian society, and Atwood has said that much of the novel is based on a historical fact. In the New York Times she wrote: "So many different strands have been introduced The Handmaid & # 39; s Tale– Group performances, sumptuary laws, book burnings, the Lebensborn program of the SS and the infant stalks of the Argentine generals, the history of slavery, the history of American polygamy … the list is long. "BUY NOW The Handmaid & # 39; s Tale, £ 6.99, Amazon

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