The latest collection from Gigi Hadid with Reebok just launched, and it is super cute


Gigi Hadid is no stranger to designing – the model has been working on successful collections with Tommy Hilfiger for years – but her latest range of sportswear brand Reebok is perhaps the most wearable to date. The 23-year-old has a 90-inspired collection for the brand, and it is full of comfortable styles and bright feel-good colors that we could see wearing completely in the streets of New York.

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Launching the range, the former rider and volleyball player said: "This collection is an active expression for me – it's athletic expression, but it's also creative, and that's something I've spent a lot of value in my life. , is the time I spend on being creative, being hands-on, and so I think there are many different aspects to this collection that I think are very personal. "I think it's the message to find all the things that to make you happy and things that you can do in life that contain all those things. "You want to have a look, from that excellent jacket to some seriously high platform trainers, here are some of our favorites from the collection:

Gigi Cover-Up

Women Classics

£ 64.95

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Reebok Lux leggings


£ 37.95

Classic leather triple platform x Gigi Hadid

classic leather

£ 109.95

Gigi training pants

Women Classics

£ 59.95

Last month, Reebok launched their debut collection with Victoria Beckham. It was much quieter than Gigi's – with block colors and minimal adjustments – but tbh, we would love to wear both. Is it wrong to work in training pants? Ask for a friend …Follow Abbi Twitter.