Kim Kardashian puts a tabloid in her place for "bad skin day" Photos

Kim Kardashian West has a face that almost all people with Internet access or who pass regularly in front of a magazine stand know. It is smooth, bright and generally perfectly contoured. So, when Kardashian West presents something other than that, as in someone who is human and can have a spot or bump from time to timeYesterday, this scenario occurred exactly when Kardashian West went out to lunch in Los Angeles with bumps at the base of his jaw, his mouth and his eyebrows, covered with foundations. The daily mail, as usual, was the first point of sale to note that Kardashian West was experiencing a "bad skin day" just days before going to the Master Class of his makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic at LAKardashian West chose to react to history. , pointing out that it is not acne under this foundation. "It's psoriasis all over my face," she wrote on Twitter. Kardashian West has been incredibly honest about his own fight against psoriasis, a genetic autoimmune disease in which skin cells form and form dry dander. Since she began struggling with this disease in 2010, she has repeatedly spoken about the many treatments that she has tried to calm rashes, ranging from medical grade cortisone injections to bottling spring water from Costa Rica, passing through Kourtney's breastmilk and splashing. In 2018, she even wrote an article about her treatment for psoriasis by the Holy Grail, a home-based UV light therapy device, which is actually a treatment supported by the National Psoriasis Foundation when it is administered under supervision. "There is no cure for psoriasis, but there are treatments that can help ease the symptoms," wrote Kardashian West. "I've literally tried everything, it can be so frustrating to look for a treatment that actually works." But as psoriasis remains an incurable disease, Kardashian West remains somebody who continues to fight against sudden outbreaks. indeed occur on the face around the eyebrows and mouth. And in this fight, West Kardashian is far from isolated: 7.5 million Americans are affected by psoriasis, according to the National Psoriasis Foundation. If you need more proof of the extent of this disease, just look at the answers to Kardashian West's tweet, where more than 100 messages now look like: "That's good darling, I've got it too " and "I feel your pain, I have it all over my legs and elbows." Commentators also share tips, including soothing moisturizers and aloe vera, also approved by the National Psoriasis Foundation. While we are confident that Kardashian West has the financial means and technology to stop this outbreak before Saturday's Master Class, it has been able to form a really useful group and dispel the stigma surrounding this event. common condition.Love what you see? How about a little more goodness R29, right here?Just like you, Kendall Jenner is planning to get fucked.Zoë Kravitz adds two tattoos to her extensive collectionSalma Hayek proudly shows off her natural curls and her gray hair