We have to admit that we really have to fall in love with a celebrity fragrance. Okay, there are a few who have brought us into the imagination, albeit briefly. Who might forget Britney Spears Fantasy, of which we are almost certain that we have worn them more than once and we would lie if we were to say that we have not defeated JLo & # 39; s Glow, but we have never found it, you know , the a.

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The problem lies in the fact that most of them are reeaaally sweet, such as nauseating. You know when someone sprays a perfume in your neighborhood and smells like burning cotton candy – do you immediately get a furious headache? Yes that. Unfortunately it has happened so often with celeb fragrances, we have actually just developed an aversion to the stuff.
Anyway, the news spread that Queen Ariana Grande released a new scent and, as die-hard fans, we had high expectations. Wrapped in a cute, blue bottle that sits in a cloud-shaped container, the appropriately named Cloud smell is far from sickly, it is much more on the male side, which probably has something to do with the solid base of wood and sensual musk. However, it is still girlish, with calming top notes of lavender, bergamot, pear and an exotic coconut heart – this is a certain scent for the evening air or a fragrance that you can use when you go out.


Cloud Eau de Parfum Spray 30ml

Ariana Grande

£ 25.00

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When testing at the office, one of the boys liked it so much that he asked if he could have a spritz – so it also got the stamp of approval from the men (what did we say about the date of the evening). It has been a very difficult year for Ari, but she has managed to stay positive, something she wanted her new perfume to embody. Inspired by hope and optimism, Cloud "gives a thoughtful, artistic expression of Ariana's positivity and happiness to her fans." In contrast to most, this sultry fragrance will not break the bank, with 50ml that gives you a very reasonable £ 33. We are all over it. Follow Gabrielle on Instagram.