Changes in 2019 – Seven of Swords

Your natural openness and desire to say what you think up at that moment evolves towards a sharper, more cautious approach. You are aware that some people distort their words to adjust their own agenda, to say chats or to fight with you quickly (which hurts, because you are more sensitive than you have allowed).

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Sometimes it is wiser to remain silent and keep your ideas to yourself until they are strong enough to resist a challenge and you are sure that you really mean it.

Relationships – The hierophant

A growing commitment to those who really matter, unfolds this year. Moving, engagement, marriage, oath renewal, children are ONLY on the map in 2019. You want to solidify and justify your relationships in a traditional way. Not like you ALL, Gemini! You have faith in those closest to you, and the idea to make that official … well, it's the right time. Watch single Geminis for a Virgo who is about to make your world beat.

Your zodiac sign

Issy Muir

Career development – The Lovers

It is not unusual to find in two thoughts about things and in the summer this comes to a climax. Your divided feelings, conflicting priorities or plans for your career reach the boiling point and you take a number of definitive, positive, sustainable decisions.

"With a safety net you can fly high"

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That unleashes a wave of activity and a new momentum, because the universe finally understands what you really want here.

The biggest opportunity – King of Swords

This year is almost the same as the first year of your adult life. You lay more foundations and solid roots than ever before in your love, home and work. Having this solid foundation allows you to see beyond anything else and to make good long-term plans and strategies to live the lifestyle you dream of. You realize that stability is not boring, it is the platform of excitement. You can fly high with a safety net.For your own personal tarot prediction, visit the TarotBella page of Kerry.