Forget about the number of different timelines in Mindflix & # 39; s mind-bending Russian doll, actor Charlie Barnett, who plays Alan in the series, has revealed that the show had several alternative endings. The final saw Alan and Natasha Lyonne's Nadia realize that they had met on the ill-fated evening of their first death. Then they agreed to die again, so that they could intercept this timeline, set up a new course of life and thus save each other's lives.

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When asked which different endings they made, he shared his favorite film, which is very similar to the official final of Show for us. "There is one that I really hope it is in. I should not even say it, but there is one that I hope is a bit unresolved and I think that's great," he recalled. "I like that whole element of the show, that you do not get solid answers, that you walk away like:" Oh, are they still there? "" Are not they? "" Have they solved it? "It does not look like it. not where it can come from, if that's your next question. & # 39;

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Although Charlie has no idea what a second season could mean for Alan or Nadia (the creators admitted they threw it with three seasons), he revealed that they were discussing the possibility of an episode devoted entirely to Nadia's cat oatmeal. "We talked a long time ago about the possibility of doing a – I mean, I do not think this is a real conversation – but I would like to see an episode that is totally dedicated to oatmeal, in which you can see everything through its lens. something like that. "We would be doing that …Russian doll is now available to stream on Netflix. Register with Netflix now!