Too Faced skincare 2019


The mega-brand that does not need an introduction: To be faced, are one of our closest and most beloved when it comes to all things makeup. Who could forget when they dropped their legendary Better Than Sex Mascara, £ 19 – or the Sweet Peach Palette, £ 39, that FYI has an impressive 2250 5-star ratings. With every launch immediately a sale, it is easy to see why they have a large share in the beauty half.

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Thanks to the brand

Better than Sex Mascara

To be faced

£ 19.00

TOO FACED Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Collection


£ 39.00

However, an area where they have never been immersed in is skin care. Whether it is or because they just wanted to stay in their jobs, we have always wondered what it would be like. Oh, imagine the peach-smelling moisturizing creams and glow-booting primers – we think it would be big. Well, it seems that our fantasy will soon become a reality, after Instagram account Trendmood has announced that the brand will appear on the market this year.

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"Too Faced launches a full line of skin care products (part of the Hangover line), one of the products that comes out is an SPF Moisturizer. They have developed products over the past two years and we have seen some secretly peeking on the way," says caption.Only a few days later, Trendmood placed another picture of what their first product appears to be, the SPF 25 moisturizer for coconut water. Endorse the post: "Here is a foretaste of one of the products coming from SPF 25 Moisturizer with coconut water."
The packaging looks almost exactly the same as the original Kater collection, and the bottle says the moisturizer is "formulated to make your makeup better." We can not wait to see which other skin treatments Too Faced have to offer us and hopefully they will reveal the rest of their range as soon as possible. Stay tuned. Follow Gabrielle on Instagram.