Will India witness another saffron-themed Valentine's Day?

Indian activists of the Hindu youth organization Bajrang Dal carry an effigy depicting Valentine's Day as they chant slogans in Hyderabad on February 14, 2014.Indian activists from the Hindu youth organization Bajrang Dal carry an effigy depicting Valentine's Day while they chant slogans in Hyderabad on February 14, 2014. The Hindu youth group Bajrang Dal is opposing firmly to Valentine's Day celebrations, invoking them as a cultural invasion Hindu lifestyle.NOAH SEELAM / AFP / Getty Images [Representational Image]

There is only two hours left and the day of the year is back when the world is full of red roses and exquisite couples, reminding singles lovelorn the solitude that unites them, yes, February 14, the day of the Holy Week. Valentin.
While the streets and markets of the world are full of bouquets of red roses, wine and happy greetings for the festival, in India we are witnessing a show known as "Cupid's Patrol" undertaken by extremist groups .
With regard to extremist groups, Bajrang Dal, Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), Shiv Sena and Sri Ram Sena have never considered India as a democratic country and also believe that it is fundamental to uphold the law. . They also see themselves as the defenders of our glorious culture.
For several years, these self-taught groups protesting against culture have been protesting Valentine's Day, believing that it celebrates Western values ​​and violates Indian tradition. Are our traditions weak to be violated?
The most popular behaviors of these outfits are bad behavior with couples, forced marriage and beating of young lovers.
So, whether you are planning a romantic walk to the park, whether you are holding hands in a mall or even at an evening with friends, make sure you have a "mangalsutra" or a "rakhi" with you, because you may not know when it will be useful to you.
This year, the group proposed a new goal, which is to film videos of couples observed during the day. Well, so does your privacy, because these people always tend to watch closely.
Now, filming someone without his consent is not an offense in India. But this is done by these far right groups because it is (still) against our culture. All these offenses are committed in the name of culture, why?
We educate the youth of our country about being progressive and independent, but here we question the fundamental rights of the citizen. In ancient India, women had the choice to choose their husbands (swayamvara), this is not part of our culture?
Is this India developing that we are talking about? Where are people who have the right to choose their partners assaulted and harassed in the name of the moral police? I suppose not. We will wait to see what these marginal groups have to offer for Valentine's Day this year.