Kim Kardashian shares her favorite home treatments for psoriasis

Since the beginnings of his reality show fame, Kim Kardashian West has been incredibly open to not only having psoriasis, but also its fight to soothe rashes and squamous patches that break out as a result of the chronic condition of the skin. She tried medical grade cortisone injections, bottled spring water from Costa Rica and even stole her sister Kourtney's breast milk and splashed it on her legs. Psoriasis is technically incurable; treating her symptoms is therefore a continuing battle continued to offer an unfiltered vision of what psoriasis treatment may look like. More recently, she used her Instagram stories to showcase some of her favorite home-based treatments, including a Monday selfie that featured her face covered with a weird brown ointment.

"Psoriasis is shit," she writes, adding, "This is only an herbal treatment." Although she does not clarify which The National Psoriasis Foundation claims that herbal treatments and ointments contain ingredients such as aloe vera, apple cider vinegar, capsaicin (which is the ingredient in hot peppers that warms them up). ), tea tree oil and turmeric have been used to soothe and heal the skin after a psoriasis flare.The Kardashian West then released a photo of Medical Medium's Blueberry Detox Smoothie, a company that encourages consumption fruit juice to cure some diseases (as you can probably guess). , Gwyneth Paltrow The loves he). "I'm really trying everything !!!" she wrote. The FNP says that dietary changes have not been particularly effective at alleviating symptoms – but hey, a smoothie can not hurt, is not it?

That said, all that Kardashian West shared about her Instagram story is not entirely natural: she also released a photo of what looks like a tiny room walled by long fluorescent light bulbs, which is probably related to Home UV light therapy, a treatment. she called "changing life" in a blog post in 2017. Unlike diet changes, phototherapy is supported by the National Psoriasis Foundation when administered under medical supervision. Kardashian West should clearly not be considered a professional when it comes to treating psoriasis; she is after all a celebrity and not a doctor. But the important thing that the star does here is to help eliminate the stigma that still surrounds the disease, which affects 7.5 million people in America. Since she has over 127 million followers on Instagram, Kardashian West could really help millions of people at the fingertips.Love what you see? How about a little more goodness R29, right here?Khloe Kardashian and Penelope Disick get matching haircuts Rihanna gets this $ 800 facial, which I did, Too Alicia Keys wore a $ 15 pharmacy base for Grammys