Daniel Radcliffe thinks there will be a Harry Potter reboot


After announcing his favorite Harry Potter film (it's a surprise), Daniel Radcliffe revealed his thoughts about a reboot of the film franchise and noted that it & # 39; eventually & # 39; will happen. While promoting his new TBS comedy series Miracle Workers, Daniel took us back to the magical wizarding world of Hogwarts, musing about what the future of the Harry Potter franchise might look like.

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Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter, Deathly Hallows

Warner Bros.

"I'm sure there will be another version, I know I'm not the last Harry Potter I'll see in my life – we've got a few more," he told IGN, referring to the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child play, currently in London. "It will be interesting to see how long those films stay … it feels like there is a holiness around them right now, but that will go, the shine will decrease at some point," he continued. "It will be interesting if they reboot and just re-film or make a series, I am fascinated to see." A holiness that will wear out? We do not think so – it's been nine years since the last one Relics of death film came out and we are still obsessed.



Speak to BEDRADE in another interview, Daniel was asked what his favorite film was of the magic franchise. "I love the last one, but I really like the fifth, which is not a lot of people favorite, I realize a little", he said about The Order of the Phoenix. "I love it because of the relationship between Harry and Sirius [Black]and you get a lot of Gary Oldman in that movie. "

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Fair enough.