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You can easily set up 8 side hustles at the university
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Although student often means endless amounts of fun and making friendships that last a lifetime, it is also synonymous with a bit of skin color. Even if you save money in your student shop or take a part-time job, you may still feel that you have no money to keep you until the end of the month. That is where these side hustles come – because who says you do not make it to your 9am readings and get a little money on the side?

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1. DepopingIf you, like most, once in a panic bought a dress especially for a night out to never wear it again, you waste a valuable opportunity to make money by not selling it. Apps such as Depop make it so easy, and mean someone else can wear out pretty badly on something that you probably will not wear anymore. Good for reducing your consumerism and for placing a bit of cash in your PayPal.

2. Create and sell things on EtsyIf you are a student in the Creative Arts, there is no end to the list of reasons why you should change your talents into a subsidiary. Whether it concerns designing jewelery from polymer clay or making festival outfits on your sewing machine; you will earn money, add skills to your resume and create content for your portfolio. Win win win.3. TutoringSince you have to learn the content of the course to your own advantage ~ anyway ~, why do not you pass on that knowledge and do you not earn money for it? There are many tutoring websites that you join students who follow the same course, but who fall behind for a semester or more. Or you can sell your study notes and essays at a price. Try University Tutor, MyTutor or FirstTutor. Looks good on your resume!

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4. DJ ingMost students know someone who has a set of games in their bedroom, but if you are good enough with the mixes, there is no reason why you can not ask for money for your services. Tell the following that you are available for house parties or socials, and that you are willing to bring speakers and decks that make an iPhone dock look thin.5. Delivery of food All you need is a bicycle, Google maps and a helmet. Deliveroo and UberEats are always looking for new delivery drivers and pay around £ 4.50 per drop of food – plus tips, which means that busy time can yield lucrative revenue. Moreover, it is as often or as sporadically as you want, so your hours can be as flexible as you want.
6. InfluenceYou only have to take a look at GraceFitUK's Instagram feed to know that an influencer is possible next to studying and can be a big money maker. Brand deals, affiliate links and sponsored messages are all ways to make money, and being a student can actually be your USP, by working with brands that are engaged with relevant university visitors.7. Student-brand ambassador If you are looking for a ready-made rush that you can take with you in your study, big brands are always looking for ambassadors to announce their latest projects. So in addition to developing skills in Marketing, Social Media Strategy and Content Creation you also earn money (and probably also some freebies on the way!)
8. Writing a freelance copy for someone else English students, this is for you. So there are many websites that you link to people who are looking for ghostwriters, or someone who can make a copy for them. Whether it concerns composing their resume, helping to create content for their website or even writing a copy for the pressure of someone else. Websites such as Fiverr allow freelancers to set their own rates and describe exactly what they are good at.