What 22 celebrities really think of Valentine's Day

  • Valentine's Day always brings a lot of negative and positive feelings to people.
  • Celebrities such as Ashton Kutcher, Blake Lively, Neil Patrick Harris and many others have strong ideas for the day against crime.

  • And it is certain that celebrities will have the feeling of associating yours with this party.

As far as Valentine's Day is concerned, most people have an opinion, including celebrities. Some of them love it, many hate it, and others are still deciding.
If you're looking for V-Day celebrity inspiration or if you just want to know if your anti-Valentine's feelings match those of celebrities, read on. There is something for everyone, like a chocolate box in the shape of a heart.

Christina Hendricks thinks Valentine's Day is an "amateur party".

The "Mad Men" star told Newsday that she and her husband "usually try to reprogram Valentine's Day … we just do it when we're ready to do it." We do not like having a fixed menu and we do not like heart-shaped shrimps. There is no reason that everything is heart-shaped. "

Ian Somerhalder has changed his mind about the meaning of holidays.

"I had the habit of thinking that this day was a conspiracy of chocolatiers and florists," wrote the actor "Vampire Diaries" on Instagram in 2015. "But I realize that taking a day of our busy life to celebrate the love in our life is so important and should be every day. Celebrate love in your life, that's what makes the world go round. "
But he also added that he still did not want the day to put pressure on people so that they spend a lot of money to celebrate it. "It's the business side that makes me sad. Love must be simple but thoughtful – a gesture or a loving act should not be judged at its price, "he said.

Neil Patrick Harris wants everyone to spread love.

"Happy Valentine's Day! Whether you're in a relationship or not, be sure to tell your loved ones that you love them," he said. tweeted in 2013.

Ashton Kutcher may have played in the movie "Valentine's Day", but he's not a fan of holidays.

In 2010, the actor told Parade that he was anti-Valentine's Day.
"I hate Valentine's Day, I can not stand it, I think every day should be a day of romance," he said, adding, "I think you should celebrate love 364 days Then, on Valentine's Day, you should be able to tell everyone you hate that you can not bear it.There would be a day of hatred and 364 days of love. "

Kelly Rowland said that her husband had come to spend his holidays.

"To my favorite guy who gave up his aversion to V-day to cover me with love, flowers and the like! I LIKE BABY! This smile on my face belongs to you! XO, "wrote the singer of Destiny's Child on a photo of her husband and husband, Tim Witherspoon.

Carrie Underwood wants the holidays to be every day.

"I do not believe – and that's true for everyone – your man should not love you for a day out of 365. He should love you 365 days a year. I want Valentine's Day every day, "the singer told People in 2009.

Jane Lynch does not adhere to the hype of Valentine's Day.

"These are the most ridiculous holidays created by greeting cards," said the actress in an interview with Yahoo.

The star of "The Bachelor" Catherine Giudici Lowe loves the discrete holiday.

She told People that she and her husband Sean Lowe were not putting too much pressure on planning a perfect day.
"There is no pressure for Valentine's Day chained that many people feel under pressure," she said. "I think when you wait or need really sophisticated project expectations, it never goes well. So, let's have a little fun. "

Anna Kendrick opts for practical gifts for V-Day.

She told InStyle that she had already offered a spatula to her boyfriend "because he needed it. It was not so romantic, but I wrapped it in pink paper, "she said.

Amanda Seyfried can always count on her valentine on all fours.

The star of "Mamma Mia" told People that her dog Finn was still his Valentine's Day. She said, "Finn looks at me when I talk to him. He just wants to be with me. That's what everyone wants in a partner, right?

Gillian Jacobs said that she thought people were focusing too much on what was going to happen.

"This is one of those holidays where all expectations are expected, so it can only be disappointment," said the Community star at Yahoo. "Unless someone provides you with a bouquet of diamonds, you will feel disappointed."

Nick Kroll is not a fan of holidays.

The comedian created a special episode of Valentine's Day for his animated series Netflix "Big Mouth" to show what he had always felt for the holidays. "It's not a wonderful thing," Kroll told Uproxx. "In general, I think for a lot of people, this stuff is full of stress and anxiety."

Blake Lively takes Valentine's Day very seriously.

"If I'm so uncomfortable at 30, you can only imagine how EXTRA was my" day of mind "at school, she captioned in a photo. of herself wearing red heart shoes, wearing a red purse, wearing a red jacket and eating a red donut in the shape of a heart.

Candace Cameron Bure makes Valentine's Day a relationship with her partner.

"Show them how much you love them by practicing one of their favorite activities," she told Parade. "For example, my husband loves golf – I do not play, but it would be very romantic if I booked a tee time for both of us. And even if I do not really play, I can always drive the cart or take the class with him. "

Viola Davis grew up celebrating Valentine's Day.

"My dad always gave us huge cards for Valentine's Day with chocolates. It's always important to me and that's what I always remember about Valentine's Day, "she told InStyle.

Judd Apatow feels squeezed by the holidays.

"I feel pressure on Valentine's Day," said the director, married to actress Leslie Mann. "I just feel that I'm supposed to be good, then it's scary, and then it's fear. "Will I make everything mess?"

Julia Roberts has a special connection with the saint behind the holidays.

Julia Roberts has mixed feelings during the holidays.
"It's the holidays that work when it works and stinks when it does not work," she said in an interview with Tribute Movies. "I guess it's a feast of cards and sweets, but there's a Valentine's Day. It's my confirmation name, Valentine, "she added.

Lili Reinhart is planning a special makeup for the big day.

The actress "Riverdale" told HelloGiggles that she did not meddle with cliché lipstick.
"I'm like," Oh, I love Valentine's Day. I should make a red lip, "but I have the impression that red lips just do not work for me, and I accepted that. In general, I'm blindfolded and, for me, it's more fun anyway, "she said.

Eva Mendes looks at "The Notebook" for Valentine's Day.

In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres in 2014, Mendes revealed that she intended to watch one of her partner Ryan Gosling's movies during the holidays. "I'm not a big Valentine. I will probably just order a deep dish and watch 'The Notebook' or something else, and cry, "she said.

Nina Dobrev changes her view of vacations according to the state of her relationship.

"Valentine's Day is one of those things I like if I have a boyfriend and I think it's the best thing in the world." Then, when I'm single I hope this day will never have existed, "she told MTV.

Valentine's Day is a love story for Lily James.

The star of "Mamma Mia 2" wrote on Instagram in 2018, "Happy V day. Love yourself. Love your person Love Love Love. "

Simone Biles does not feel holidays.

"Valentine's Day is a big LOL", the gymnast tweeted in 2017.

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