2019 Cancer horoscope and tarot measurement


Changes will come in 2019 – The Wheel of Fortune

The name of the game this year is transformation! And everything you need is one change. Choose the right pivot point or lever and a push on this spot can create a domino effect over the entire landscape. Minimal effort for maximum reward, because the universe is now behind you. So, choose your place carefully. Which thing would make a difference? Do it and see how the chain reaction unfolds.

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Relationships – Two of coins

For single cancers I feel a bit of field games & # 39 ;. Not in a mean or underhanded way, but with a fun and carefree mind. Many dates, dallies and conversations, that bring you closer to something permanent. For those who are already in love, you feel safe enough to enjoy friendships and good company outside your partner. You are not on the hip and actually the fire burns brighter if you have separated and have new news to share. Your feeling surrounded by good people and good will.

Your zodiac sign

Issy Muir

Career development – Six of Swords

At some point this year, perhaps about halfway, you get itchy feet, or a chance you can not refuse, appears on the horizon. At this point, do not you say or do not talk about it anymore … just take a leap of faith!

"Just take a leap of faith!"

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You will read more than you think and it will prove to be the right move. Control over your destination will also give you a boost of confidence and courage.

The biggest opportunity – Knight of Wands

Get your travel brochures and make adventurous plans to see the world! Let your natural curiosity, imagination and wanderlust take over the helm and lay down the intention and strategy to make this journey a reality. The ocean is so important for Lobsters. You feel most alive when you are at the sea, or even in / on! Spend time near the ocean waves and feel rejuvenated, rejuvenated and excited to embrace all the changes that can happen in your world.For your own personal tarot prediction, visit the TarotBella page of Kerry.