Let's face it, wardrobes can be stressful business. And it does not matter how many pieces you own, it is easy to get the feeling that you never have anything to wear. That's why we talked to expert Practical Princess & Elika Gibbs and Virginia Feacey, Country Manager UK, about second-hand designer resale-site Rebelle, to find out how we can all lead less messy lives.

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Keep your wardrobe organized with these eight tips:

1. Start with one large clear-out
Virginia proposes to go through every item in your wardrobe and add it to & # 39; SALES & # 39 ;, & # 39; MAIZE & # 39 ;, & # 39; CUSTOMIZE & # 39; and # 39; TOSSEN & # 39; stacks. Get more advice on how to start this process and see how I got started with a massive eviction here. Elika suggests trying things out as you go "because you may have forgotten a forgotten jewel in your wardrobe that you normally bypass. You might be able to change it to give it more power.2. And then continuously edit your wardrobeVirginia recommends starting a one-in-one-out policy to avoid clutter. "For every new item you buy," she says, "there must be an old one, or, if you really want to test yourself, try two." Why? Elika tells us: "If you do not work on your wardrobe, you might think that you have a lot of clothes, but you actually have a volume of things that are no longer fit or outdated." By clearing your wardrobe you avoid that and you will dress so much easier in the morning. "

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2. Earn money with your unwanted pieces"Just because you might not like it anymore, does not mean that someone else will not do it!" Says Virginia. "You will also feel better if you want to buy something new, if you make money with the old". Use sites such as Ebay and Depop for your high street purchases, and those like Rebelle for more high-end pieces.3. Organize your closet by category and then by color"It ensures that everything looks cleaner and saves you in the morning when you have to dress up quickly", advises Virginia.4. Invest in the right equipment"I love matching pendants because you are not distracted by a messy wardrobe," says Elika. And Virginia agrees: "Buy good hangers with rounded corners and use boxes to keep the drawers in order, especially for belts, underwear and socks."



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7. Do not forget your shoes"If you have a lot of shoes in boxes," says Virginia, "stick your photo's of the shoes on the outside of the box so you know what's inside without having to go through different courses." Elika adds: "Boxes are ideal because they prevent dust, and cardboard works well because they can breathe".8. And take care of more expensive itemsIf you have spent all that money on something special, you better make sure you take good care of it, Virginia says. "Keep designer bags in their dust bags and fill them from the inside to prevent distortion."

Change how you shop with these five rules:

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3. Take the time before you buyBefore spending money on something new, Virginia says it's important to first consider the purchase. "Think of three ways to combine the new piece with existing things in your wardrobe," she suggests. "If you do not come with three, remember the purchase."4. Always sleep on it"To prevent impulse buying," says Virginia, "examine the pieces you need / want, place them on your wish list, and then sleep on. If you still want the pieces the next day, go ahead and buy them. "5. Find a great tailor!Can not afford to buy high-end, but do you want your clothes to look more expensive? Virginia says it's all in the way your clothes suit you. "This means you have to wrap trousers and sleeves so that the shoulders fit into blazers / jackets, etc.", she says. "Make sure you always think about the extra costs of matching a piece before you buy it."

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