Hanson & # 39; MMMBop & # 39; was almost a completely different number, according to Taylor


If you were something like me around 1998, you have a shameful number of Hanson friendship bracelets, a copy of it Hanson: Tulsa, Tokyo and the middle of nowhere on VHS, and the Snowed in Christmas album (which I still listen to every year, by the way …).

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So imagine my contempt when I heard about the man himself – Taylor Hanson – that & # 39; MMMBop & # 39; almost a completely different song. And even started as "a background part" for another song.

Hansons & # 39; MMMBop & # 39; was almost a completely different number

hanson now

Taylor, Zach and Isaac now

And thank God they worked together – imagine a life without the text, "Plant a seed, plant a flower, plant a rose, you can have one of those plants …"

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There is no need to think about it. Ever more old will? "Keep planting to find out what it is, it's a secret nobody knows."

The best thing to remember is some of Hanson's fashion choices from the past. When asked if there was anything he looked back and collapsed, Taylor replied: "Mostly only polyester The years & # 39; 90 contain a lot of materials that we all hope they will not return to, but many materials come back in fashion – it is really frightening. " Hanson currently tours the UK through their new album String Theory, which is now available.