Why should you write your book B


A well-known press expert once said to me that there were two people who had the most press: celebrities and writers. It has always struck me and it is a piece of advice that I pass on to my coach clients.
The problem? The thought of writing a book is very overwhelming and worries a lot of people. If you are thinking of writing a book, it's perfect!
This is not this book.
It's your book A – I'm talking about your book B. Do not get me wrong, it does not mean that the content must be lower in any way, but let less pressure. This is not your novel – it's not the project you hope to feature on the New York Times bestseller list. Save your book A for later, it's a book about a topic you're an expert at. It is not long, it is not complex, but it is valuable for your reader.
When you publish a book yourself, you now have a topic to cover. Publishing a small e-book does 3 things:

Write your photos B Bookdeposit

And another small advantage? It could be worth a few hundred dollars a month, not bad, but it's not the goal. The goal is to get your valuable information in the hands of more people and provide you with a platform you can talk to. Think about the heart of your business and what you are really doing to serve your customers. Think about their most urgent questions and write a short guide on the subject. For me, I am constantly asked questions about business plans. So, I have written a lot of documents on the subject and I even have some different outlines that I like to use.
My suggestion is that you take your most popular blog post and simply expand it. If you have created a list of the top 10 types, you now have 10 short chapters to write in this ebook. It can be anywhere from 25 to 50 pages. This is not serious. If the content of the book is good, it is acceptable if it is short. Some of the best guides I've ever read and still use today are less than 50 pages long and cost only $ 2.99. You can have a white paper that you have written or a free pdf that you give on your site. Whatever it is, turn it into an ebook and publish yourself on Amazon.
You are now the founder of your company and a published author. Wow! When you publish your book, you now have an extra pen to talk to the press, engage in investor dialogue, offer a gift to potential customers and help you book conferences. I talked to so many entrepreneurs who told me that their entire business had changed once they had released their first ebook. It really works.
Having a book will help you locate national stories. These strategies blend together to create a powerful punch. Again, this should not be a daunting task – you can do it in a weekend.
Decide on your subject. I recommend you to use your most popular blog or answer the question that is most posed to you. For me, it was about developing business plans. For you, it was perhaps how to organize an event, how to configure my social media pages, how to lose 10 books? You will want to answer their biggest questions. Think of it as an introduction to your work and not as a complete book.
Some things to consider:

If you've been dithering on writing a book because you're overwhelmed at the idea, you now have a strategy to get around it. Writing your book will allow you to grease the wheels a little, to gain confidence in yourself, to give value to your audience, to reach new potential customers and to gain credibility.