The mistake in the refrigerator that can make your vegetables go faster


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From not reaching the right temperature, to not making the most of the refrigerator, there are many things that we do wrong when it comes to using our refrigerators. And one of the biggest mistakes probably makes your vegetables go much faster than normal. If you are the person who puts all his fruit and vegetables in the bottom drawer, you better think. Why? Because certain fruits give off gases that cause vegetables to ripen much faster than necessary.

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The mistake in the refrigerator that can make your vegetables go faster

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This means that you can not leave your fruit out of the fridge or in a separate drawer to avoid spoiling your fresh vegetables.

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And you must prevent unripe bananas from being completely put in the fridge, because the cold environment allows the bananas to mature completely. "The skin turns brown and blotchy, while the meat stays unripe inside", Cher explains. "The ethylene gas that is released into bananas helps them to ripen at room temperature, making them taste sweet and soft."

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And it is not just the vegetable salad that you should tackle. By storing food in the right place in the refrigerator, it can last much longer. Yes, it's easy to fill food anywhere in the fridge, but strategically stacking your shelves will help the life of the product. For example, eggs are best at the middle level at a constant temperature, while butter and soft cheeses can go into the refrigerator door because they do not have to be in the coldest part. It is especially important to keep raw meat, poultry and fish away from other food to prevent contamination, and to always ensure that the packaging is properly sealed to these products. Keep uncooked meat and seafood on the bottom shelf of your refrigerator to prevent the juices from leaking and dripping on other foods. So, spending a longer time in your grocery store can result in longer shelf life.