Kimye, Tom Brady and Gisele share Valentine's Day love messages

When it comes to showing his love for Kim Kardashian, Kanye West is still doing the rough work, that it 's about a proposal to marry in a stadium or a stadium. flower wall instead of a bouquet. You know, a bouquet.Valentine Day was no exception, with the rapper calling on the smooth jazz master Kenny G serenade the reality TV star with "Somewhere Over the Rainbow "in the middle of vases on vases containing single-stemmed roses in their living room. Needless to say, Kim felt the love, posting a video and thanking West, recipient of the "Best Husband Award", for "the most thoughtful gifts of all time !!!!". And before West is probably even out of bed – you know how much he loves his sleep (anytime, anywhere) – Kardashian was on social media and posted photos with her boo. "Valentine's Day baby !!! I like you so much The amazing Kardashian family star wrote, with pix of them kissing and selfie-ing. It seems like the romance is still alive with the couple before the arrival of their fourth child. They are married since 2014. The love is in the air on this Valentine's Day, especially in Hollywood. Social media is full of photos that stars share with their partners, pets and Valentine's Day. Here are some more … Hailey Baldwin still dresses to be Mrs. Justin Bieber. "I must be his valentine forevaaa evaaa ????", she wrote, accompanied by this cliche of their lips. They are also celebrating their first day of celebration as husband and wife are Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Falchuk. Accompanied by a sunburn, she asked him "to be mine". Today is not only Valentine's Day for Salma Hayek, it's also her 10th wedding anniversary with François-Henri Pinault. Look how much their love is great with this hand-drawn heart. The new parents, Diane Kruger and Norman Reedus, tend to keep their love on the DL list, but they were an exception today, shouting "my valentine") and "best valentine" (him ). Gwen Stefani loves Blake Shelton – she even says it about the chocolate chip cake she gave her. Tom Brady put a tight game on her "valentine forever", Gisele Bündchen. And she posted a The rapper has Long loved her fiancée, Kirsten Corley. Here's a tip from Nicole Kidman's life, photographed with her husband for over ten years, Keith Urban: "The best thing you'll ever learn is just love and be loved in return. Reality star Lisa Rinna had already used Kidman's line for her message with her husband, Law L.A.Harry Hamlin, the day of their wedding. As Hilary Duff had gone to work on V-Day, she sent an e-love to Matthew Koma, who was holding the fort at home with their new baby. Note: "Ivan" is the name of the alpaca that Koma has offered him for the day of love. These lovebirds, actress Lea Michele and her fiancé, Zandy Reich, are going to be married from one day to the next. Actress Sarah Hyland told Wells Adams her "person. "Rose McGowan posed a photo with her partner, Rain Dove.There's more than 20 years of love between model Cindy Crawford and her husband, Rande Gerber – with the 2000 George Reese Witherspoon shared a smiling photo with her husband, agent Jim Toth.Ciara and Russell Wilson also did his job and his own. He staged a nice picture of them in bed, while she published a compilation of some of her intimate moments that she had captured on video. Mariska Hargitay's Law and Order: Special Unit for Victim Support and Peter Hermann have a lot of love between them – and helium. Matt Bomer, who enjoys playing with her husband, Simon Halls.Here, Shania Twain and "the only one," Frederic Thiebaud.Cox's Tavern loves love with Kyle Draper last year – and shared a photo of them with a quote on the culture of love.Jessie James Decker shared a photo in the bathtub with the love of her life, her husband Eric.Michael Douglas paid tribute to his "beautiful wife," Catherine Zeta-Jones. And she loves him – and their kids – right back. Courteney Cox, a beginner at Instagram, shared some selfies with her love, Johnny McDaid.LeAnn unveiled her love for her man, Eddie Cibrian.Jessica Seinfeld wrote a fun poem for Jerry.Julia Roberts was nothing 39; another I love emojis of heart for Danny Moder.

Lena Waithe said "Every day is the 14th" with Alana Mayo.Sophie Turner said that Joe Jones made her "the happiest". Here's Joe Manganiello and his "baby", Sofia Vergara. Kelly Preston, who married John Travolta in 1991, shared cockpit photo with her "wonderful husband". And he also felt the love. Felicity Huffman said that marrying William H. Macy was the best thing she had ever done. Rita Wilson knows what is love with Tom Hank.Iman reminded us that love is fleeting. Bowie forever! Hilaria, Alec Baldwin's wife, presented a picture of their entire family – who keeps growing up. These "Baldwinitos"! And there were several other adorable kids, including the new father Andy Cohen. And pets. There were also some excellent solo shots. Who needs a partner to feel the love? And some who had partners still went solo. This is an important dish: let's not forget pride, people. We know the divorce statistics – and it seems that the divorce rate in Hollywood has doubled. So, these stars – and pig – remind you that the most important thing to remember today is to love unconditionally. Halle Berry … Miss Piggy … Half Moore … Padma Lakshmi … Jewel … Or there's Sam Smith, who does not have V- Day at all. He stated that it was a "stupid day" and told people to "ignore" it. And happy V-Day, whatever your decision.Learn more about Yahoo Entertainment: