Kris Jenner reveals which of her daughters offer her the most extravagant gifts

The Kardashian-Jenner family is known for being given some of the craziest gifts, from the moment Kourtney Kardashian offered a Mercedes G-Wagon Mini Neon to Chicago West for his 1st birthday, as well as his huge annual stock Christmas presents under the tree. But according to Kris Jenner family matriarch, while all her daughters are "big gift givers," a girl could be ranked first. "Kylie [Jenner] give the most extravagant gifts, "said 63-year-old Kris, exclusive to PEOPLE, of her youngest daughter, who had bought her a red Ferrari for her 63rd birthday in October. Although she adds: "Khloe [Kardashian] give the most sincere gifts. "

Kris has passed on her love of gifts to her family, who, she says, give themselves special items, even when it's not someone's birthday or vacation.Looking for more style content? Click here subscribe to the PeopleStyle newsletter for incredible discounts on purchases, unstoppable beauty products and much more"Sometimes you see something that makes you think of someone and the best gifts are often those sincere random gifts that let someone know you're thinking of them," Kris tells us. The amazing Kardashian family star has the tradition of giving each girl a "sentimental gift" the day of the birth of their child. "Last year, I offered Khloe diamond bracelets that his father had given me the day of his birth. I had them since the day Khloe had his first baby. Natural diamonds never lose their value, so I know my kids can pass them on to their kids, "says Kris. "It is now a tradition that they will also pass on to their children."

Kris also finds it important not to forget to give back to herself in order to reward herself for all the work she does to manage her children, run businesses and take care of her family. His favorite article for self-giving? Heaps of diamonds!RELATED PICTURES: All backstage photos that Kim Kardashian shared with her fashion accessories"What I like most is natural diamond jewelry, because they are so versatile. They go with everything and represent an excellent investment, "says Kris.RELATED VIDEO: The most iconic moments of KardashianHis favorite jewelers to buy investment coins are Bulgari and Cartier. "I love Bulgari for his diamonds and gems, and Cartier has the most beautiful and timeless [jewelry], Says the star.

One of Cartier's pieces has a very sentimental meaning for Kris. "My daughters and I have matching Cartier bracelets. It's fun to have pieces that unite us in a personal way and that will last a lifetime, "she says.

When she does not spoil herself with trinkets, Kris tells her that it's important for her to take care of herself and resume her busy work schedule. "It's nice to take a bath or a relaxing massage, but there is so much to enrich your heart, your soul and your spirit. I like to create beautiful memories by spending time with family or organizing a fun dinner at home for girls, "explains Kris. She adds, "For me, taking care of yourself means making the most of every moment and doing what makes me happy."