Kanye West has captured Kenny G in a maze of roses for Kim Kardashian's Valentine's Day gift


So maybe you have received an unexpected bunch of roses from your SO this Valentine's Day. (Or maybe all you received was a pair of Happy Galentine & # 39; s Day & # 39; texts in my case …) But no matter how the most romantic day of the year you treated, it will never compare with what Kanye West did just for Kim Kardashian.

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The rapper is known for his extravagant gifts. For your information: he gave Kim K a flower arrangement on her 38th birthday, not to mention the £ 11million Miami condo for Christmas.



But Kanye really outdone himself this year after he hired the real saxophonist Kenny G to give his wife a romantic rendition while she was standing in a rose field. Yes, this really happened while you were dreaming about the weekend in bed. The nice extra moment on Twitter, Kim can be seen while walking in an empty room (they have so many rooms anyway that some just stay there for occasions exactly like this one) to find glass vases that each contain a single rose. In the flowers Kenny G nonchalantly plays a saxophone. And proving that she was just as shocked as the rest of us, wrote the mother of three on Twitter: "NO GREAT DEAL KENNY G IN MY LIVING ROOM !!! Happy Valentine's Day."
Before the presentation of another Kenny cover together with the caption "Best husband award goes to mine !!!!" Most attentive gifts ever !!!! "

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But even though it is a sweet gesture, Twitter users simply could not resist being distracted by various stressful elements. Like, how will Kenny ever come out of that maze of roses, and where are their furniture?

"FREE KNOWLEDGE OF HIS PRISONER PRISON", wrote a fan, with another kindly pointing out: "Furniture would have been more useful, however." Where happened.