The best TV moments this week – February 15


🚨Obviously spoilers are on the horizon🚨


First, Arrow revealed that Felicity is pregnant and I am pretty sure my heart skipped a beat when hearing the news.


And if that was not enough, in the flash forward, we found out that Blackstar is actually Mia Smoak, the daughter of Felicity. I swear, I have not talked about anything else all week.


At Gray's Anatomy, Betty's parents came to Gray-Sloan to look for her and caused some problems for Owen and Amelia when they wanted to take Leo.


Meredith and DeLuca ~ also officially came together for their first date. And in case you are wondering, I am now 100% on board this pair.


Good problem helped Callie and Jamie Gael and his sister Jazmin after she was discriminated against at work because she was transgender.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine gave us an episode that was all about Jake and Rosa who solved an impossible murder.


We also need to take a moment to appreciate all Rosa's hairstyles this episode. True love has always been styled your hair.


At Roswell, NM, we found out that Isobel was the one who killed Rosa and the other girls years ago. Although, there is certainly more to the story.


A new couple has stood up this week at The Magicians and I am still not over it. As she tried to save Josh from a terrible fate, Margo revealed her feelings and slept together.


Even on The Magicians, Eliot seems alive and well, although his body is possessed by the monster.


María Gabriela de Faría remained a bright spot on Deadly Class in the latest episode. Watching Maria finally stand up against Chico was exceptional.


Daniel Radcliffe and Steve Buscemi & # 39; s new show Miracle Workers premiered this week. The series follows two low-level angels who try to convince God to spare humanity.


Cicely Tyson came back as Annalizes mother about How to Get Away with Murder and repeatedly suggested that Annalize and Nate marry, so they did not have to testify against each other. 👀


On The Gifted, as he fought against the purifiers, Blink was shot right in front of John while opening a portal to save the others.


However, this does not seem to be the end of Blink's story. Creator Matt Nix told Entertainment Weekly: "You can see that at the end it disappears into the kind of vortex of the portals, so there is more to learn about that, but yes, that was definitely a bad day for Blink."


At Chicago P.D. Burgess and Upton were kidnapped by two scammers and, of course, this was after Burgess learned that Upton is going out with her ex-fiancée Ruzek.


Pen15 started streaming on Hulu and quickly became a great comedy with a lot of heart.


The mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead exposed Michonne and Daryl with the recording of Lydia, one of the Whisperers, and introduced us to Alpha, one of the biggest and most scary TWD villains.


Also on The Walking Dead, Negan escaped from Alexandria and returned to where he murdered Glenn and Abraham. I am sure this means that we are going to see a salvation arch for Negan this season.


And finally, Fiona, in shameless terms, continued to face more problems, leading to the fact that she was fired from Patsy & # 39; s and eventually arrested for beating someone.

What were your favorite TV moments this week? Tell us in the comments below!