Anirrudha Jatkar interview: a birthday boy talking about wearing several hats, making an unprecedented party and more

Aniruddha JatkarAniruddha Jatkar.PR Handout

Aniruddha Jatkar is a multi-faceted talent that has its roots in Dharwad. He graduated in Hindustani light vocal music and interior design in Mumbai. As his father was an architect, it was natural for Aniruddha to work under him after taking the interior design course.
His job always worried him and his theatrical training was a bonus. Life (or God, as he likes to say) had special plans for him while he was coming to Bengaluru after his sister enrolled in a class at Chitra Kala Parishath. It was presented to director Dinesh Baboo by a friend and his film career began soon with Chitra.
The actor turned 45 on Saturday, Feb. 16. Before his birthday, the actor talks about wearing several hats – making short films, social activities and more. Excerpts from the interview:
What does this birthday mean to you?
The birthday is a reminder that we grew up a year. It brings new dreams, hopes, surprises and challenges that God wants us to meet.
How do you celebrate birthday?
For me, the family always comes first. Our busy lifestyles do not allow us to meet and greet our supporters often and it is an opportunity for people to commit to creating a bond. It feels good when everyone – from friends to parents – remembers and sends greetings. It also injects a lot of positivity.
You are an actor, singer, scriptwriter and director of short films! Is it easy to wear several hats?
If you are positive in life and determined to give one hundred percent to what you like to do, I think you can handle many things. If I work on something now, I do it with the utmost sincerity without worrying about the results.
To give you an example, four years ago we organized a short film course in collaboration with the Academy of Arts and Film Science. The idea was to share the knowledge of everything I learned from my FTII experience in Pune. We conducted it with a nominal fee because when it becomes free, people tend to take it lightly.
Four years later, the students who had taken this course had me make short films that have now found their place in the Asia Book of Records and the India Book of Records. So, I think everything is going for a reason.

Aniruddha JatkarAniruddha Jatkar with the four medals and certificates.PR Handout

You had a party with short films. How did it happen?
Anand Murthy, who learned the short film with our confidence, asked me to make a short film for years. I had used to tell him that I would support them in every way possible if they agreed to do it. Once, I was asked to write a script after the death of his friend, who had been smoking.
My story appealed to him, but they could not make a short film. Finally, I decided to produce it from our banner. They appreciated the entire creative process and wondered if other scripts were ready.
Although the scripts are not ready, I told them "yes" not to discourage them. Looking at their passion and interest, I later started writing scripts. So, from one movie, he became six and all six movies did not have any dialogues.
However, post-production took a lot of time. Finally, the products were ready to be released on September 18 on the occasion of Dr. Vishnuvardhan's birthday. People liked the six shorts. One day, after a month and a half, I realized that I had to ask for the files. That's why I keep saying that God, above us, is watching and rewarding our hard work.

He won:
Most shorts released the same day

Most short films without dialogues released the same day
Most of the shorts on social issues come out the same
Most shorts of different genres released the same day

Please clarify the social activities of the Vibha Charitable Trust?
Through our trust, we organize free blood camps, free health check-ups, etc., in association with NGOs such as Rotary International and Lions Club. We have collaborated with Narayana Hrudayalaya, BGS, Poornasoodha Cancer Foundation and the Red Cross for various activities.
Our camps provided eye surgeries, cardiac surgeries, medications, artificial limbs and more than one lakh people benefited from it. On the anniversary of the death of Dr. Vishnuvardhan the previous year, Vibha Charitable Trust established links with Rotary Bengaluru South East, which has partnered with the Needy Heart Foundation to collect donations. funds that have been donated for cardiac surgeries for needy children.
In addition, when I am invited to events as a judge or chief guest, I tell the organizers not to spend money to congratulate me, I rather ask them to plant saplings at the event. I think this is one of the ways we can do our part for future generations. Apart from these activities, we have done many other activities.

The USP short film is that all shorts convey a social message despite the lack of dialogue. These shorts belong to different cinematographic genres such as horror, thriller, comedy, crime, drama and political satire. There are two versions –
1. with captions, titles and credits in English
2. with captions, titles and credits in kannada
The short films are entitled:
Candle Light (Duration: 5 minutes 30 seconds, Genre: Horror)
Record (Duration: 1 minute 52 seconds, Genre: Comedy)
Shantam Papam (Duration: 1 minute, Genre: Crime)
Smoke (Duration: 3 minutes 13 seconds, Genre: Thriller)
Water (Duration: 3 minutes 23 seconds, Genre: Drama)
Vaishanva Jan To (Duration: 3 minutes 15 seconds, Genre: Political Satire) – this short film has subtitles, as well as titles and credits only in English.

Bharathi Vishnuvardhan with Aniruddha JatkarBharathi Vishnuvardhan with Aniruddha Jatkar.PR Handout

I've heard about God many times during the interview. Are you a spiritual person?
Not only me, everyone at home is in spirituality. We are not religious and celebrate every festival that includes Christmas and Eid.
From your beginnings to now, you look more or less alike. What is your fitness secret?
I exercise regularly. I am not specific diets and eat everything, but with some restrictions. And being spiritual brings a lot of positivity to me. Maybe the combination of all these factors are the reasons that make me look younger.
Finally, Dr. Vishnuvardhan's memorial remains an unrealized dream of your family and fans. How do you describe your fight against the following governments for smaraka?
There was a lot of chaos around that. Frankly, with every new government, it takes new twists. People who take power from the previous government do not study the whole problem and do not place new orders. I think it would not be a difficult task if a government was willing to carry out the project.
Well, we are looking at the positive side of everything. I think God is delaying it with a good goal. I believe that whatever happens, happens for good.

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Kala Kirana
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Yuva Kesari
Best actor for Marathi "Namana Natavara"
Dr. Vishnu Kala Jeevi Prashashti
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Yuvaraja Prashasthi & # 39;
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Karnataka Chitra Rasikar Sangha Award for Best Movie Actor
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Amantrana Award
Short films
Concept, scenario and direction
Smoke (2018)
Shantam Papam, Calm the Bad (2018)
Save money (2018)
Vaishnav Jan To (2018)
Water (2018)
Candlelight (2018)
Documentary film
Concept, script and production: documentary about the life and work of Dr. Bharathi
Vishnuvardhana, legendary actress of Indian cinema and
Padmashree Awardee, tentatively titled 'Bangara Bal & # 39;
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