Kenny G explains how he pulled Kanye West's surprise on Valentine's Day for Kim Kardashian

Kanye West had an epic surprise on the occasion of Valentine's Day when he hired Kenny G in Serenenade with Kim Kardashian West at the couple's, but how did he achieve this extravagant gift? Kenny G, a 62-year-old world-renowned saxophonist, spoke to Rolling stone Valentine's day very busy, revealing that West's surprise came at the last minute. [Wednesday] night, I received some emails, one from a publicist knowing the director of Kanye, "said the musician at the shop. "He told me that Kanye had asked me to come home and serenade Kim tomorrow morning:" It will be a room surrounded by roses, and you will stand in the middle of the roses and play. "thought:" It sounds really beautiful. " "Then I have a text from [songwriter] David Foster, who told me that he had heard about the application and told me that I should absolutely do it, "continued Kenny G." I only received the message that at 11 o'clock in the evening. It happened by chance, because I'm in town and I do not live very far from home. So it worked very well.

Kardashian West, 38, documented Kenny G's private performance via Twitter on Thursday, filming the musician while he was standing in the middle of a room filled with white, pink and red roses, placed in vases Ashley Greer, florist and downtown owner The Ashley Flowers Workshop, based on the agenda, told PEOPLE that the roses would likely cost around $ 2,000 in total, "a minor expense "Compared to the fees reported to book Kenny G – less than 150,000 USD, according to Booking Entertainment. "NO GREAT KENNY G IN MY LIVING ROOM !!!" Kardashian West wrote on Twitter, adding, "Happy Valentine's Day." "Best Husband Award goes to mine !!!!" she said wrote in another tweet. "The most caring gifts of my life !!!"RELATED: Chrissy Teigen infuriates Kim Kardashian about Kenny G Valentine's surprise: "How did he get out?"Kenny G replied to Kardashian West saying, "Thank you for making me participate in your Valentine's Day." "When I got home, I warmed up in a room, then Kanye came in," said the musician. Rolling stone to meet West, 41. "It could not have been nicer. He was so warm and accommodating. Just chat about the music. It was so cool Kenny G added that the many rose vases were not yet fully installed when he arrived. "It was raining at LA, so I went early to be sure I was not late. They put it all together. I did not see the room completed until 20 seconds before I started playing, "he said.ASSOCIATED VIDEO: Kim Kardashian publishes photos of her return with Kanye West on Valentine's Day: "I love you so much""I started playing before I saw [Kim], "Kenny G revealed to Rolling stone, adding that he had met Kardashian West just once before, while they were on the same flight. "She was coming around the corner and I had Kanye's nod. That's how I started playing and when she came, she just went, "Oh my god," then she looked at me and smiled and stopped a little. She did not know what to do with herself for a minute. Then she took out her phone, which was great. After Valentine's viral moment, could a musical collaboration between Kenny G and Kanye West take place in the future? Kenny G certainly does not exclude that. "When [West] I was playing sax, so I thought I would play for him, "said the saxophonist at the exit. "I started playing really sweet blues riffs and melancholic riffs … and I could see that he thought it was really good. I said something like, "This kind of sound would be really great with some of your music." And he said, "Yeah, maybe we can go to the studio and check." "" Maybe there is a possibility of a little sax on a Kanye West record, "he added. Rolling stone.