Here's how your favorite star couples spend Valentine's Day

Celebrity couples are everywhere on Valentine's Day this year. Whether it's Lili Reinhart or Cole Sprouse, Kim Kardashian or Kanye West, members of your favorite band on February 14th will be spending February 14th as you wish: you look hot and very in love. Many celebrities have taken advantage of social media to talk about their famous OS, while others let their fun and exciting dates speak for themselves. When Travis Scott surprises Kylie Jenner with a sumptuous rose arch, no word is required. Now, discover how all the star couples you love show their love for Valentine's Day. Warning: there is panic in front of us. Their first Valentine's Day as a married couple was spent playing the piano and looking at each other with love in their eyes. "Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours, how lucky I am," Jonah posted on Instagram. The hug is a must for Valentine's Day, TBH. "Forever my greatest love," Wilson wrote on Instagram about Ciara. What is the best Valentine's Day theme that Bird box, am I right? "Happy Valentine's Day Box", posted Union on Instagram next to a photo of Wade blindfolded. Valentine's Day was not a special occasion for this couple because for them every day is Valentine's Day. Timberlake said it on Instagram. "All day Valentine's Day, EVERY DAY since I found you," he wrote next to a pretty picture of him and Bienne. Heaps of red roses.

The singer "Can not Be Tamed" launched V-Day by publishing this hilarious meme on her Instagram narrative. "When it will be Valentine's Day and bae will say hello," she wrote next to a picture of her … well, see it yourself.

She also posted a picture of their wedding in December and the caption "LÉVE YOU Valentine". The usually private couple wrote dueling posts on Instagram to show their love for each other. "In fact, the only thing that keeps me healthy-minded is @lilireinhart," writes Sprouse, while Reinhart wrote, "You make me very happy, Happy Valentine's Day, my love." The Duke and Duchess of Sussex spend Valentine's Day apart. However, the visitors that Prince Harry is currently visiting in Norway surprised him with this very sweet display of photos of his marriage with Markle:

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Give Kardashian-West the best of Valentine's Day. Kanye has worked hard this year to get Kenny G to play for Kim in a sea of ​​roses. "Happy Valentine's Day !!! I love you so much," Kim wrote to her in her own Instagram post. Speaking of extravagance, Scott surprised Jenner by guiding her through several arches of roses while her own music was performed in the background. It's very romantic and I respect her hurry for promo. Valentine's Day was a family affair for the Beckhams, who spent their morning trading cute homemade cards.

It is clear in Valentine's postings of Hyland and Adams to Adams that their love for one another is profound. "With you, I feel like I'm at the top of the world and I'll always catch you if you fall … no matter how high we climb." I love you to Pluto and to my back @wellsadams I'm so thankful and grateful for everything you do for me, "wrote Hyland, while Adams opted for a short but sentimental formula:" Hey @sarahhyland, do you want to be my Valentine? " I love you more than anything you say. "The hottest couples in the world are still very hot and in love. "My eternal Valentine, you've become a love for life," Brady posted on Instagram. In the meantime, the Deckers (also very hot) had a fairly relatable debut for their V-day: coffee. "My Valentine's Day for life! I love you for the moon and back," Eric wrote about Jessie. D & # 39; awww.