Khloe Kardashian has just cut his hair into a platinum-blonde Bob

Khloé Kardashian shook platinum icy hair throughout the winter, but thanks to a significant change in hair, we finally saw signs of spring. In a selfie on Instagram, Kardashian revealed that she had taken her long wavy hair and had it chopped just below her shoulders. She loved the shorter look so much that she went return to the stylist's chair to cut a few more inches. The end product is an inflatable balloon that adds even more lightness to its overall look – and it's the perfect preparation for the beach waves this spring and summer which, we promise, will arrive someday. Kardashian's famous glamor team, celebrity favorite color artist Tracey Cunningham and hairdresser Jen Atkin are responsible for the first stage of the transformation. Kardashian gave Cunningham a special message on Instagram for "coloring [her] hair at 6am and in the rain "and atkin for" taking time away from Kendall Jenner. "We can only hope that, whatever the conditions that led KoKo to steal a stylist from his sister and get her hair done in bad weather, in the early hours of the morning, she was captured for a next episode of The amazing Kardashian family.The first iteration of the chop, as described by Kardashian on Instagram, took off about eight inches. This brought her back to the lobe hairstyle she had been favoring for a few years. But after spending less than 24 hours in the shoulder, Kardashian has exploited another stylist to take his hair even shorter. "I'm addicted to my short hair," she wrote on Instagram. "I asked Andrew [Fitzsimmons] cut a few more centimeters. I like this length !! "Version 2.0 just falls above As for color, Kardashian seems to stick to his favorite platinum nuance (for the moment), with a subtle change: this time, Cunningham has worn the color right down to its roots. If anyone can maintain the required maintenance for the blonde who starts at the roots, it's a Kardashian – but she's also known to have had a radiant look on the blonde once. Do not bother us, we'll just watch KoKo root watch. As fans have pointed out in the comments section, she now looks a lot more like Marilyn Monroe, thanks to the new shorter version, white-blonde hair, and classic red lips. Considering that Kardashian is a 2019 version of Hollywood royalty, we would not be surprised that she inspired the Blonde Bombshell.Larger chops:Now, a history course on 100 years of style tools:See the video.