Khloé Kardashian gets rid of his mother's long nails on Instagram – again

Extra long nails are a staple for most Kardashian-Jenner sisters, and Khloé Kardashian probably leads the charge. She once famously said on an episode of The amazing Kardashian family"I like long nails. They give me energy. But while this energy can certainly come in handy when you're a new mom like her, some of her Instagram followers openly doubt her ability to take care of her little daughter, True, after seeing her latest manicure. On Saturday, Kardashian posted a close-up of his left hand, showing red and matte coffin nails that could easily be as long as an inch and a half. She let the picture speak for herself, displaying only the ❣️ emoji as a caption. The commentators, however, were not so taciturn. "How do you change diapers and dress your child with these nails?" Crazy, "wrote one person. It was a frequent question among thousands of comments, as well as "You did not scratch the baby with those?" Some commentators have given unsolicited advice, as if Kardashian was unaware, 10 months into the beginning of her mother's life, that having very long nails may need to be cautious and to maneuver differently with a child, like the one who wrote: "Be careful with these nails around baby Maybe consider classifying them ….. a lot." And then, of course, there are those who rushed to blatant judgment, with a commentator who wrote: "Horrible, I understand that she is not taking care of her baby. Some Kardashian fans did not represent the mother-shame, telling her not to listen to skeptics and haters and trusting her to be a good mother. "Any comments on how she changes the diaper, does the baby look neglected?" No. In fact, her baby looks to be well. neat, "commented one commentator, adding that" the girl continues to be an amazing mother for this beautiful baby and do not let those comments affect you. "This is at least the second time this year that the adepts of Instagram are asking questions about the maternity of Kardashian's manicure. In January, she posted a selfie in which she was wearing very long nails and then in a dark burgundy hue. The comments section has unfolded a bit like that of the last section, with remarks such as "these nails … that's how I know you do not change your baby's diapers" , followed by the fans who come to his defense. Half-sister Kylie Jenner was also criticized for her long fingernails, especially after giving birth to her daughter Stormi last year. Hope that Kardashian's long nails really give him energy; she will need it to fight against all the negative vibrations in her Instagram comments.No more shame for Mother Kardashian:Watch now Kendall Jenner answer questions from his fans on Twitter:See the video.Follow Marci on Instagram and Twitteror subscribe to the Allure newsletter to receive daily beauty stories right in your inbox.