Khloe Kardashian is apparently done with Tristan Thompson once and for all

Khloé Kardashian broke with Tristan Thompson again for cheating. This time, however, Thompson would have gone out with a family member: Kylie Jenner's best friend, Jordyn Woods. At least, according to rumor. After the Cavaliers' plane arrived from Cleveland to be with Kardashian, their True daughter's mother, on Valentine's Day, Thompson would have been seen arguing over a PDA with Woods at West Hollywood club Delilah, according to TMZ. The two men were apparently seen kissing, and when Kardashian found out, she immediately broke up with Thompson because "she's tired of it," a source close to her said. tabloid. This cheating scandal is unfortunately the second one for Kardashian and Thompson. There are two October, in 2017, a video showing Thompson engaging in a PDA with two women in a disco. The incident occurred a few days before Kardashian and Thompson welcomed their first child together. Since then, Kardashian has spoken openly about repairing their relationship, saying: The amazing Kardashian family"It's like everyone wants me to make a decision in a second and I just want to give birth and focus on that and try to enjoy it and try to enjoy it with him, as crazy as it can appear. I want to enjoy this with him. I do not want negativity in the delivery room. I do not want anyone to talk about it, make me feel uncomfortable, or make it uncomfortable. Let's just be normal. Give me a minute. She also talked about when she had discovered the first cheating video tweeting, "Well, thank God, a camera was NOT with me in Cleveland !!! I will not write what I've done but let's just say that it's LUCKY I was 9 months pregnant 😏. "At the time, she put these feelings aside to share the moment of their daughter 's birth with Thompson, as she explained on Twitter." I wanted to live a beautiful experience. giving birth for myself and for the memories of what I had chosen to share with True later, "she said." I want her to have videos and pictures of her daddy there, holding her, etc. I want her to know that she is LOVE and my happiness! Babies are feeling energy! "" I know now that I'm in shock because I could not I do not think it would ever happen to me, but I'm still very proud of my way of everything manage, "she added. Kardashian has not yet acknowledged the latest rumor that Thompson cheated on her with Woods, although she posted a series of cryptic quotes on her Instagram stories. In one case, she shared: "If you break someone and always wish you the best, you have lost the greatest thing for you in life."

In another, she explained how the way a person treats you in a relationship outweighs everything that she does. "How does someone make me feel emotionally and mentally much more important than what he can do for me physically and physically," she wrote. "I will always choose love, affection and emotional support rather than receiving gifts – all I want is my mutual energy."