5 safer sex positions that you need in your life



Safer sex is something that is talked about a lot, but that is not really practiced sufficiently. People still make absurd excuses for not wearing condoms or thinking that STIs can only be sustained by penetrating sex, so they avoid using anything for, say, blow jobs. While a partner may put you under pressure not to use protection, you just know that it is not something you have to accept. Because the truth is, safer sexual positions are even hotter, because you know that you exercise caution. So join in and enjoy – without worry.

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The Double Finger Bang

If reduced sensation or latex friction is a problem, 1. Lube makes everything better and 2. Slide two fingers into a "V" shape to stroke yourself and / or press them against the bottom of their penis / strap-on to give them the feeling of a tighter fit. Place a good amount of cushions under your ass so that your partner has to stand on their hips, making it extra raw and animal-like.


The Tickler

People sometimes think that oral sex does not go as far as STI transfer, but you can definitely catch chlamydia, gonorrhea, HPV, herpes and syphilis from a blow job. Put the condom on and suck the head of the penis and stroking the shaft with your hand, and then lift it up by compressing your breasts and sliding their pins between them.


The dam, girl

Dental dams-rectangles of protective plastic placed over your vulva during oral sex to protect the mouth against genitals and vice versa, have an additional advantage that makes you go a bit more dirty. The receiver gets on all fours, the giver comes behind, drape the dam over the vulva and the hole in the ass and starts licking. It is a good, close access without the whole backward aspect. And if you want to experiment with a bit of rimming, well, the dental dam is like a disposable toilet seat cover, allowing you to make some contact without touching it completely.


The complete circle

The & # 39; female condom & # 39 ;, the kind of funny helper of the more famous penis condom, has an inner ring that settles in your vagina, matching your cervix and an outer ring that covers your vulva. You stop it before the boning starts and remove it immediately afterwards. The specific superpower of the FC is that it can be kept for up to eight hours, so that you can access it when you see each other. Press the FC ring against your clit for a bonus stimulation with each thrust.

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