The 13 biggest celebrity ruptures of 2018


"In order to limit any additional speculation, we decided to announce our separation," reads in the joint statement of Aniston and Theroux at ET. "This decision was taken together and with love at the end of last year. We are two best friends who have decided to separate as a couple, but we look forward to continuing our cherished friendship. "" Normally, we would do it in private, but since the gossip industry can not resist an opportunity to speculate and invent, we wanted to directly convey the truth, "the statement said. All that is printed on us and which is not directly from us, is the fictitious account of someone else. Above all, we are determined to maintain the respect and deep love that we have for each other. "It's pretty crazy. The misconceptions are "Jen can not keep a man" … Or that I'm sad and sorry, "Aniston said In the style. "First of all, with all due respect, I do not have a broken heart." "The good news is that it was probably the most – I chose my words very carefully – it was kind of the sweetest separation, no animosity," said Theroux The New York Times. "In a strange way, just navigate the inevitable perception that is the most exhausting part of it." "None of us have died, neither of them are looking to throw axes at each other," he continued. "It's more like, it's amicable, it's boring, but, you know, we respect each other enough to make our life as painless as possible." It was heartbreaking only in the sense that friendship would not be the same, day by day, but friendship evolves, you know, so that's something we're very proud of. "" Jennifer is doing very well, "said the source." Her decision To advance in life without Justin has been one of the most difficult of her life, but she now knows that it is the right one. Since their separation, her friends believe that their plan to move forward in life without the other was "Sean" Diddy "Combs and Cassie Ventura were initially romantically linked as early as 2007, after her signing at Diddy's Bad But after more than a decade of dating, a source told ET in October that the longtime couple had separated.

One of the most heartbreaking divisions of the year was the dissolution of Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan after eight years of marriage. the Intensify The stars announced their separation in April with a joint statement on their Instagram accounts. "First of all, it's strange to have to share this stuff with everyone, but it's a consequence of the life we ​​have chosen to lead, which we are also deeply grateful for," did they write. "We are having an incredible time, but it is also a time when the truth can easily be distorted into" alternative facts. "So we want to share the truth so that you know that if you do not read it here, it will be without a doubt a fiction. "" We have chosen with love to separate us as a couple, "the statement said. "We fell in love with each other many years ago and we went on a magical journey.Nothing changed about the love we loved ourselves. but love is a great adventure that takes us on different paths yet. " no secrets or salacious events at the root of our decision – only two best friends realizing that it's time to take a little space and help each other lead the happiest and most fulfilling life possible. We are always a family and will always be affectionate. the parents at Everly. We will not comment beyond this, and we thank you in advance for respecting the privacy of our family. We send a lot of love to everyone, Chan & Jenna. "In October, Dewan filed for Tatum's divorce, alleging irreconcilable differences, and according to court documents obtained by ET, she sought joint legal and physical custody of their five-year-old daughter Everly. child support and child support from Tatum Both women have also evolved in a romantic way Tatum currently attends British singer Jessie J, while Dewan meets actor Steve Kazee, winner of a Tony Award .Paris Hilton and Chris Zylka:

Paris Hilton and former Leftovers Star Chris Zylka canceled their engagement in November after two years of dating, a source told ET. According to the source, the relationship was established too quickly and Hilton realized over time that Zylka was not the one for her and that their relationship was just not supposed to be. During his passage later in the month The speechHilton said she had been drawn into the fairy tale of love. "I just feel that when I fall in love, I fall in love quickly and harshly and that was this flash romance," she said. "I've always been obsessed with Disney stories and love stories and I thought it would be my happy ending." I quickly realized that it was not the right decision, but I wish him the best. " "One day I would like to get married and have children, but for now, I'm focusing on myself and my job," she continued.Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth:

Bachelor Nation was sorry when bachelorette Star Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth canceled their engagement in November. Booth and Bristowe – who became engaged in season 11 of the series in 2015 – were the two oldest fans of the series. "After three incredible years, we decided to separate," said their joint statement to ET. "This difficult decision comes after a thoughtful and respectful review. Even if we separate as a couple, we really want to stay friends. We have both evolved as people, which leads us in different directions, but with the hope of continuing to support each other in new ways. Because of the way we met, our relationships have always been very public and we enjoyed sharing them with you all, but we ask you to respect our decision and our privacy at this time. There were signs that the couple were not doing well – fans noticed that they were appearing less and less on social media, and Bristowe also revealed that Booth had actually forgotten their birthday. Bristowe explained what was wrong with her podcast, Grapevine with Kaitlyn Bristowe. "Sometimes you have to take a moment and step back and think about what you're fighting for and if that makes sense for your long-term happiness," she said of their breakup. Important core values ​​that were "aligned … we were left with no other choice than to be honest with ourselves and each other."JWoww and Roger Mathews:

the Jersey Shore The couple was a favorite at the MTV hit series, but in September, Jenni "JWoww" Farley filed for divorce from Mathews in Ocean County, New Jersey, citing irreconcilable differences. The two men bonded in October 2015, three years after their fiancée, and shared two children – their daughter Meilani, 4, and their son Greyson, 2 years old. Although Mathews did not hide his secret, he wanted to first get Farley back – even courting her with a romantic carriage ride – their separation took an ugly turn earlier this month. Farley announced that she had filed a restraining order against her after sharing a series of videos on her own Instagram account, claiming that she had "screamed her hysterically" after the two quarreled over the reality star "repart". "Jenni has become totally emotionally out of control, as she always does," he said in one of the videos that he filmed at the back of a film. police car. "I woke up at two in the morning, deeply asleep, by two officers, who said they had contacted a judge and filed a prohibition order." In Farley's own statement, she described the videos as false and misleading. Jenni refrained from making public statements about her impending divorce, in light of the recent events on which we decided to make an official statement, "reads the message." Some events that led Jenni to involve the authorities have been in her interest and in the interest of her children to do so. All social media statements and publications that illustrate any claims to the contrary are totally false, misleading and intentionally designed to cast Jenni in a negative light. "She is proud to be a hardworking parent who provides her children," the statement said. "We chose not to comment further, we will note that one judge immediately ruled in favor of Jenni and made a temporary protection order last night." Please respect Jenni's decision on protection of life to protect themselves and their children during this time. "Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande:

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Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson became engaged in June after just a few weeks, but the romance ended in October. Before their separation, Grande was having a difficult time with the sudden death of her ex-Mac Miller a month earlier. "Ariana made the final decision," a source told ET at the time of separation. time to realize that it was not the right time for them and Pete is incredibly sorry. Pete is always so in love with her. He wanted all his people to turn around her but she was emotionally unavailable. He realizes that she was at the limit, under pressure from everyone and everything around her. There were days when she just wanted to flee the world to get some peace and quiet. Pete had to give him this space for love. "They got engaged because they both felt this instant connection and even now, after their breakup, they are still deeply in love," added the source. "But their timing really affected their projects and the has prevented it from working for the moment. … They have a very special connection, in part because Pete has been there for Ariana during a painful period of her life. will always be and always grateful to Pete. "The source said that the constant focus on the couple affected their relationship." They felt constantly under a microscope, "said the source. They felt that they had literally no privacy and that it was theirs. Earlier this month, Grande said that she was still there for Davidson after publishing a Alarming note on Instagram that made fans fear that it was suicidal.Forefore, she had also asked her fans to be more "nice" with the Saturday Night Live "I'm downstairs and I'm not going anywhere if you need someone or anything," she tweeted after her disturbing note on Instagram. "I know everyone needs you and it's not me, but I'm here too."Kourtney Kardashian and Younes Bendjima:

The romance from May to December between Kourtney Kardashian, 39, and Younes Bendjima, 25, ended in August after two years of dating. A source told ET that she was the mother of three who initiated the split. "Towards the end of the relationship, the two did not hear and the difference in age finally played a role." "Younes is young, and although mature for his age, Kourtney and he are at different stages of their lives." But the breakup seemed not so friendly when Kardashian's sisters, Kim and Kourtney, criticized her on social media in response to a message that Bendjima posted on her Instagram story. He claimed that the media "want me to be the bad guy" after photos made him flirt with Jordan Ozuna, a former Hooters waitress who was linked to Tyga and Justin Bieber. However, a source told ET that Bendjima and Ozuna were not romantically involved at the time. Yet the Kardashian sisters did not have it. "Nice pictures of your" boys' trip, "Kim commented on the screen shot of The Shade Room, while Khloe commented," Alexa plays "everything previously heard" from Sunshine Anderson "on another post. ;screen. These days, it seems that Kardashian has already passed to an even younger man – the 21-year-old model Luka Sabbat, with whom she was seen showing her PDA. John Cena and Nikki Bella:

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The professional wrestling couple, who became engaged after a team match at WrestleMania 33 last April, announced that he was separating and canceling his wedding in April. "After a long reflection and six years together, Nikki Bella and John Cena announced today their decision to separate as a couple," read a statement posted on Bella's Instagram account. "Although this decision was difficult, we continue to have a lot of love and mutual respect. We ask you to respect our privacy during this period of our life. "A source later told ET that the two men had separated to start a family." Nikki and John really love, but they will never have the same point of view. future, "said the source." Nikki has always dreamed of starting a family and John does not want children, which was the main cause of their breakup. They are both dedicated to their careers, but Nikki wants more than that. "But in May, Cena poured out his heart when he appeared on the Today & # 39; hui show and said that he had changed his mind about having children. He also said that he was "heartbroken from nowhere". "For all those who speculate on what I do with my life now, I still love Nicole, I would still love to marry Nicole, I would still love to have a family with Nicole," said bluntly to "There were unfortunate circumstances in which our relationship ended." Recently, there was a lot of speculation about my appearance in public and everyone said to themselves, "Oh, John Cena is enjoying the single life. "No, I was supposed to be married and live a honeymoon during these two weeks.It's the first time in 15 years that I take a vacation.I am alone at home, surrounded of those emotionally strong memories and, every day, from 6 to 9 am, I go out of the house and talk to strangers as social interaction. "" I do not want anyone else, "he said. continued. "I adore Nicole. I'm really trying to support her in her attempt to find everything she wants that has been done this fall apart, and in doing so, I'm just trying to live. But I do not hope anything, if it 's only one day, we can do it. "Nevertheless, the public's call was not enough to get the couple back on track." And spoke to Bella in September at the iHeart Radio Music Festival, which stated that she was single and unmarried. that she had not spoken to her ex-fiance recently. "He does it and me too," she said about Cena, adding that she was taking this time to work on herself. "I just feel like I was at that age where I discovered who I really am and what I want from life and just, like, independence. It's scary and you have those moments like, 'What am I doing?' – and fear. I'm just a little liking to the challenge. "Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett:

After many highs and lows very public – including rumors of infidelity – the old Girls next door The star and former NFL player said they quit this year. Wilkinson officially filed for divorce in April, citing "irreconcilable differences" and stating January 1, 2018 as the date of their separation. They got married in June 2009 at Playboy Mansion. They share two children together – their son Hank IV, 8, and their daughter Alijah, 3 years old. "I will always love Hank and I will stay open, but for now, we have chosen to follow our own path," Wilkinson wrote on Instagram soon after the news. "I am beyond sadness and heartbroken because I believed in always, that's why I said yes, but unfortunately, too much fear has bothered us.We are both of wonderful parents and our children will be happy to never know the difference other than to see mom smiles. "" Sometimes, the love looks funny, "she added. "We are told to make sacrifices in life so that's the true love well in this case, it's me.I want to see happy Hank again … I miss it.The wedding n & # 39; It was only a piece of paper and a jewel, but our heart wants it to be always true. "The two men indeed kept the friendship for their children and gathered for the hockey game of their son in May AND spoke to Wilkinson earlier this month and she seemed to enjoy the single life. "[A kiss under the mistletoe] That's the last thing I think, she said. All this is only my joy at this moment, for myself and for the children. Hopefully here in the New Year I have some one. But look, otherwise, I will not cry. "Lena Dunham and Jack Antonoff:

the girls Designer and musician Bleachers decided to leave the studio this year after five years of dating, confirmed her representative at ET in January. Dunham opened about their breakup in an emotional essay she wrote for Vogue this was published in May. "We sat in our communal kitchen for almost four years and looked at each other, recognizing what no one wanted to say," Dunham wrote. "This obsessive connection had become a blind devotion, and blinkers were unveiling to reveal that we had evolved separately (the least shocking and perhaps the most common reason)." This anger was neither sexy nor durable. broken of having tried so much to fix it but not knowing anymore if we could or not.The purpose almost killed me, and I remember to have murmured: "But what if we gave each other when even appointments? "He laughed sadly." Whatever you want. "" In a recent interview with The cupDunham spoke in more detail about their split: "Our relationship probably lasted longer than expected," she admitted. "He is a very loyal person, so he was not going to be released on bail when things got tough. He literally held my hand while I was doing an enema on New Year's Eve while his family was celebrating. But when you're sick, you make sure the other person is fine and you do not realize that our schedules may not be compatible. Maybe we want different things in our lives. Perhaps we have different attitudes about what the family means. Maybe the essential questions that people have to ask themselves all the time are not asked because we just want to make sure that I do not lose consciousness at the grocery store. She confessed that it was not easy 34 years ago Antonoff moved on to something else. He is currently in a relationship with model Carlotta Kohl. "I thought I was proving that strange girls could also have love," she said. And now he goes out with someone who looks normal and normal and looks like a girl.Michael Sheen and Sarah Silverman:

Michael Sheen and Sarah Silverman separated in February after three years of dating. Silverman has gone on Twitter to announce the sad news, as well as a page from the dissociation book of Gwyneth Paltrow. "The grand @ michaelsheen and I were consciously dissociated at Christmas, I mean, not at" Christmas "- as if it was not the fight that ended it. -she shares. "We live in different countries and the situation has become difficult, we feel we should just tell everyone, so stop asking yourself," How is Michael / How's Sarah? "In an interview with The telegraph In September, Sheen recalled that their relationship had been killed by distance. "We both had very similar readers, but acting on these drives has drawn us in different directions because she is American and I am Welsh," Sheen explained. Sheen pointed out that Brexit – the imminent withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union – and the US presidential election of 2016 taking place consecutively have led, as well as Silverman, to want to be more active politically. his show, I love Americaand that led me to want to solve the problems which, I think, led some people to vote as they did for Brexit, in my region of origin and others, in the same direction, " he declared. "I felt compelled to do something." "It meant coming back here [England] – which was difficult for us because we were very important for each other, "he continued. "But we both recognize that each of us had to do what we had to do."Cardi B and Offset:

Earlier this month, Cardi B announced on Instagram that she was no longer with the rapper Offset, after the two men had been victims of rumors of infidelity. They married in secret in September 2017 and share their daughter Kulture together. "Then everyone bothered me and everything, and you know I tried to fix the problem with my baby dad for a hot minute now," Cardi said. "We're really good friends and you know we're really good business partners, and you know, there's always someone I talk to and we have a lot of love for each other." For the rest of us, it's been a long time since we've been working with each other. "Shortly after, the Migos rapper grabbed his own Instagram account to try to win back Cardi – and admitted to having" amused him " to fool her. "I want to excuse myself, Cardi," he said. "I embarrassed you, I made you crazy, I was participating in an activity that I should not have participated in, and I'm sorry, do you know what I'm saying?" For breaking your heart, broken our promise, broken God's promise and being a selfish and messed up husband. "" I want to be able to spend the rest of my life with you, "he said. he continued. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry for what I did to you, I did not screw up that girl, but I was amusing her, you know what I'm saying, I'm sorry and I'm sorry love and hope you will forgive me My birthday wish is just to see you again. "But it seems like the two are far from reconciled. Offset shattered at the Cardi concert in Los Angeles on December 15, unfolding a three-part sign made entirely of roses worth $ 15,000. read, "Bring me back Cardi." "I just want to say I'm sorry, baby," he said, because Cardi seemed less amused. "In person, in front of the world, I love you … All I have to do to show you, I will do it." Offset is excused later for the show – although she has defended it in front of her fans. "All my wrongs were committed In public, I guess it's just that my excuses are made public too," tweeted Offset. "One ni ** was just trying ….. thanks my god , I do not have Sheeesh balloons. "To see the delicate moment. , watch the video below:RELATED CONTENT:Related Articles: