Taylor Swift reveals that she was feeling "lower than ever" after Kim Kardashian's "Emake" Emoji

Taylor Swift talks with Kim Kardashian about his drama filled with snake emoticons. Swift, 29, wrote an essay for She The magazine's April cover, published Wednesday, and a list of 30 things she learned before she turned 30 in December of this year. 27 on the list refers to Kardashian's actions in 2016, when the 38-year-old reality star posted snake emoticons in reference to Swift after claiming that Swift had lied about the fact that he had not approved the "famous" lyrics of Kanye West.

After Kardashian used emoji to defend her husband, online trolls flooded comments on Swift accounts on social media with images of snakes. "I've learned that disarming someone's little bullying can be as simple as learning to laugh," Swift wrote. She "From my experience, I came to see that bullies want to be feared and taken seriously. A few years ago, someone started a hate campaign online by calling me snake on the internet. "

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Swift wrote that the "hate campaign" had left her "lower than ever in my life", but she added that she had taken control of the bullying when she had taken Karyn, a 6 meter cobra Reputation Tour in 2018. "The fact that so many people have rallied to this project has made me feel lower than ever in my life, but I can not tell you how difficult it is to me." To stop laughing every time I play – The Inflatable Foot Cobra, Karyn, has appeared on stage in front of 60,000 delirious fans, "Swift said. "It's the equivalent of the Stadium Tour to respond to the odious commentary of a troll by Instagram with" lol "." "It would be nice if we could get excuses from those who intimidated us," Swift continued, "but maybe all I ever have is the satisfaction of knowing that I could survive it. and prosper despite this. "RELATED VIDEO: So Sweet! Taylor Swift jumps to the Grammy Awards and participates in the BAFTA party with her boyfriend Joe AlwynIn July 2016, the The amazing Kardashian family The star described Swift as "snake" and posted on his Snapchat a video of a private call between Swift and West, evidence that Swift had approved his "Famous" lyrics about him after Swift had claimed that he was "in the dark". She did not do it. However, Swift then returned to Instagram, reiterating that West, 41, had never told him that he would call it "that bitch" in the song.RELATED: Taylor Swift admits she used to apply a Sharpie marker as an eyeliner but warned, "Do not do it!"

"You can not control the emotional response of someone to be called" this slut "in front of the whole world," she wrote. "He promised to play the song for me, but he never did it." Although presenters have never heard of specific lyrics, "Why? I made this bitch famous" – what Swift has always said, it is that the singer was overwhelmed by a wave of reactions from her fans who called her a liar. Reputation era, using snake images on his tour sets and merchandise.

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Reputation Tour "/>RELATED: Taylor Swift says she's candid about her 30th birthday in 2019: "Part of me is still 18"In January, Kardashian told host Andy Cohen the Watch what's going on live that she was "finished" the quarrel that opposed them to Swift. "Kim, you and Taylor Swift – you're always right after Taylor after all that happened?" Cohen. "On this subject," says Kardashian, adding, "I feel like I've moved on to something else. "Swift – who will appear in the next movie adaptation of cats – made a splash recently with her fans, who went wild with theories that she was preparing to come out of new music. The singer made fun of these ideas last week. Posing a picture of her Olivia cat staring open-mouthed, the pop star said, "She just read all the theories."