Kim Kardashian explained why she would not have more than four children – and this has to do with Kanye West

Kim Kardashian West loves her children, but she always traced the line at 4 o'clock. Back in March of last year – shortly after hosting her daughter Chicago via the surrogate on January 15 – Kardashian West, who is currently expecting her fourth child with surrogate mother Kanye West, explained to her why she could not not see the couple's offspring grow indefinitely. Although the show's star Keeping Up with the Kardashians, aged 38, noted during the interview that "my house and my heart are really full." now, "said she was open to having another child – but after that, she would probably have finished. "I do not think I could bear more than that. My time is very thin, "she admitted. "And I think it's important that in all couples, the mother pays as much attention to the husband as to the children."Do you want all the latest announcements of pregnancy and birth, as well as celebrity blogs about mothers? Click here to get these and more in PEOPLE Parents newsletter.

Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West with their children Chicago, Saint and NorthMore

RELATED: The emotional reason that prompted Kim Kardashian to turn to surrogacy (again) for Fourth Baby on the WayKardashian West, who was suffering from placenta accreta during her two pregnancies with her three-year-old son Saint and daughter North, 5½ years old, was also unveiled during the birth interview again was simply not an option for her. "After delivery, your placenta is supposed to go out. But mine was stuck, "she said. "That's why women usually die in childbirth – you have bleeding and you're bleeding to death and they can not stop it." However, while KKW Beauty's magneto said she "wanted" to have Chicago "alone", she had "the best experience" by welcoming her daughter via a gestational baby carrier. "I would recommend surrogacy to everyone," added Kardashian West.

After the happy announcement Wednesday that Kardashian West and the rapper, 41, are expecting another child, a source told People: "They always talked about wanting four kids: two boys and two girls." In fact, Kardashian West may have dropped a subtle suspicion on the couple's baby's sex en route during an October interview on Ashley Graham's Pretty Big Deal podcast, when she explained why his daughter North hoped to have another brother: "North acts as an only child at all times, I think she is a little confused," said the star of reality, "She is beyond jealousy now She's just like "It's my world."

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RELATED: Did Kim Kardashian drop an important clue about the sex of her fourth baby a few weeks ago? "She told me the other day:" Mom … we just need another little brother so Saint can leave me alone … so girls can be on that side of the house and the boys on this side of the house, "she added. As Kardashian West and her husband prepare to welcome their fourth child to a surrogate mother, a source told PEOPLE that the rapper and Yeezy Mogul could not be happier to expand their family. "Kanye says that being a father is the most important thing he's doing and that despite his other problems, he's an involved and loving father for his kids," said L & # 39; 39; initiated.

Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West with children Chicago, Saint and NorthMore

RELATED: Kim Kardashian "It's very likely that children will no longer be" after baby # 4: The source adds that in addition to loving "the innocence of children," West is able to put in aside all stress outside his children and focus present in the moment. "You should see him when he goes around the kids; he turns on. He smiles, he plays with them, he is really excited to be around them and they respond to him in the same way, "said the insider.They stabilize him, explained the source. "It's almost like a physical change."