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In the wake of Neverland left Listening to Channel 4, interest in Michael Jackson's business is widespread. Fans and viewers revive his marriage to Lisa Marie Presley, investigate what Macaulay Culkin has said about allegations of sexual abuse, and wonder how much money the singer has made since he died in 2009. According to Forbes & # 39; list of The Highest-Paid Dead Celebrities In 2018, Jackson earned the most money from every known person who died last year and was at the top. The publication claims that the artist raised $ 400 million in 12 months, primarily through the sale of his EMI Music Publishing interest. "Extra money comes from his Mijac Music catalog, a new Sony deal and projects such as TV special Michael Jackson & # 39; s Halloween, which returned to CBS for the second consecutive year on October 20, "they note.

Michael Jackson leaves Neverland

Michael Jackson

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Jackson & # 39; s money is divided between his mother Katherine, who receives 40% of his assets, his three children, who receive 40% between them, and various children's charities, who receive the remaining 20% ​​(via ABC News).