British woman left & # 39; shake & # 39; after wearing crop top during the flight


On March 2, Emily O & # 39; Connor prepared to fly from Birmingham to the Canary Islands, Tenerife. However, the 21-year-old was threatened with the removal of the flight at Birmingham airport because her clothing was "inappropriate" and "offensive". The trainee accountant flew with Thomas Cook Airlines and wore a black crop top from Zara and mustard high waist pants. She initially passed the airport without incident. As soon as she boarded the fight, at least four staff members surrounded her and prepared to forcefully remove her from the plane if she didn't change.
In an interview with The sunO & # 39; Connor called the incident "the most sexist, unfriendly, embarrassing experience of my life." When she boarded the plane, she exchanged courtesies with the cabin crew and walked down the aisle to her seat. "I had just gone A few steps when a cabin crew said:" Excuse me ma'am, you are not dressed properly and you do not comply with our code, "she said. The independent.

She was shown a copy of the inflight magazine, which noted on page 113: "Customers who wear unsuitable clothing (including items with offensive slogans or images) are not allowed to travel unless clothing can be replaced." A cabin crew member then said to her, "If you don't change, we'll get you out of the flight." The woman said she asked other nearby passengers if they were offended by her outfit, to which nobody replied. It got worse, she said, when someone from the airline commented on the speaker about what had happened. A public service announcement said, "If someone is considered inappropriate on this flight, they will be removed." She said The independent that she thought the message "seemed to be clearly directed toward her" and that it "trembled and upset her."
A man two rows behind O'Connor was wearing shorts and a cardigan, but "nothing was said to him," she told the publication. He was, O & # 39; Connor points out, "shows much more meat than me." The 21-year-old also claims that she was harassed by a man on the plane, who shouted, "Keep your pathetic woman confused, put on a … coat."
Although her cousin gave her a coat to wear during the flight, and she was allowed to stay on the plane, O & Connor said the staff did not leave until she physically put on & # 39; Thomas Cook Airlines said it had apologized to O & Connor and the airline's cabin service director spoke to her & # 39; to get more information about the incident. "We are sorry to have made Mrs. O & # 39; Connor angry," the airline said in a statement. "It is clear that we could have tackled the situation better." "As with most airlines, we have an appropriate clothing policy, this also applies to men and women of all ages without discrimination. Our crews have the difficult task of implementing that policy and not always good."
The airline's clothing policy provides that customers who "wear unsuitable clothing (including items with offensive slogans or images) may not travel unless clothing can be replaced." Passengers must wear footwear while on the plane, it says. Twitter users responded angrily to the incident and called it "terrible" and "outrageous."