This is exactly what the red wardrobe from Daenerys Targaryen can mean for Game Of Thrones

  • Emilia Clarke has just got some important clues for the Game of Thrones final, so focus on the fan theories!
  • Her wardrobe is full of secrets.

    Needless to say, this post contains a number of spoilers. Do yourself a favor and catch it already! Come on, children, because there are a few Game of Thrones phantoms to discuss. Emilia Clarke just gave a juicy new interview about the last season, and she gave everyone an important hint for the fate of Daenerys, which caused a complete backlog in the GOT fandom. So while talking with Harper & # 39; s Bazaar, Emilia gave everyone the full permission to read in Daenerys Targaryen's wardrobe for this season, including a bold red dress. Emilia said: "There is a real by-line for this specific season, there is a real bow, and I feel that fans, such as hardcore fans, will clock what is happening in the clothing reflection. There is certainly one story to tell. "Wow. Okay, let's analyze this quickly. As most fans know, Dany & # 39; s wardrobe usually consists of black and white & # 39; fits & # 39 ;, except for her earthly appearance from the moment she was at Khal Drogo. From the look of the trailer, Dany wears a red cape – she has worn it before – together with a white fur coat. But also, Emilia said she will put on some red coats this season, which can mean a few different things: (1) She only dresses for the weather because she is now in Winterfell with Jon Snow, Sansa Stark and Arya Stark. (More plot developments in a second!)

    (2) Red is the same color as (duh) blood, so Dany could get into trouble this season. Since she and her cousin / lover Jon have a plan to defeat the army of the Night King, it is not surprising to think she will be on the front line with her dragons wasting waste on everything below them, possibly including the ice path. It is not entirely clear whether it is red to try to fit in a combat scene or whether it is a sad foreshadow, but girl, this does not look good. Emilia also said in the interview: "She [Dany] starts to get pretty shy and confident, and then something happens, "so yes. (3) Daenerys Azor Ahai is reborn and is here to bring the summer back. According to a prediction, Azor would be born in the midst of smoke and salt (check), dragons awaken (check x3), and appear when the red star bleeds (check, from when a comet appeared in the sky). In addition, the Red Priests and Red Priestesses who follow the Lord of Light dress in red. So! A lot of! Connections! (4) She could embrace her Targaryen lineage by wearing the colors of her family and reinforcing that she is the one who belongs on the Iron Throne. Well, this may be a bit miserable at first, but it is actually important because it can indicate that Dany has turned her attention back to the throne and away from the war with the Night King. Let me explain: Who would – with the exception of the crazy Cersei Lannister – choose to focus on securing the throne if a legitimate monster tissue comes after you and everyone you know? Exactly nobody. So you can reasonably assume that the living have defeated the undead and are now fighting back for the Iron Throne. Thank you for coming to this Ted Talk.