10 women about what it really is like to date a bisexual man


There are so many ridiculous (and v ignorant and damaging) myths and misconceptions about bisexuality. And one of the most common comes from straight, non-trans women, who say they wouldn't date a bi man. Whether this is due to internalized bi / homophobia or just a complete lack of understanding, who knows. But the stigma is real people!
Here, women who have dated bisexual men explain what it is really like.1. "It's just like dating someone else. a [guy] one was terrible and one was mediocre. This was because of their personality, not because of their sexual preferences. I did ask about their former partners. This is because I am hella curious and curious, not because they are bi, and I also do it with straight partners. Of course, if people don't want to answer that, that's fine. & # 39; [via]

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2. "Same as a real friend really. He keeps quiet about all his exes, unless specifically requested, and keeps exceptionally quiet about all the sexual acts he has done. I have had FWB & # 39; s who were bi, and whether it was a different personality or the different level of the relationship, we talked a lot about sex, sex with different sexes and different aspects thereof. From my experience, FWB & # 39; s are usually more open to talking about sexual past, because there is not the same comparison. " [via]3. "I am also bi. It is quite refreshing to have a boyfriend because almost every heterosexual guy I've been to has said something insensitive about bi-women at some point. We've talked about our exes, but it's not in a bi-specific & # 39; Oh lemme hear about your BI EXPERIENCES & # 39; way. [via]

"It's quite refreshing to have a boyfriend"

4. "My friend & # 39; s bi. He never went out with a man (we started dating five years ago when we were 15/16). Sometimes we talk about hot boys together. I would not say that his sexuality has a major impact on our relationship" [via]5. "I sometimes like to hear his stories. I think it makes him a better lover. I connect it and look at it that way. & # 39; [via]

6. "Like dating another person. I'm not into a sexual history, either directly or not. The only difference is that we have relatable gripes about being bi, and the weird bifobia we encounter in the LGBT community. " [via]7. "I went out with a bi-man, but not very long (he broke things off with me). It's no different than dating a direct guy, IMO. I also read a lot of yaoi [Japanese fiction focusing on romance between men] in high school, but I didn't want to fake his sexuality, so I didn't insist on details" [via]

"I didn't want to fetish his sexuality, so I didn't insist on details"

8. "I am bi and I have dated two bi boys. My current SO was embarrassed for some reason because he was bi, so he told me he was bi like five times on our first date. making sure I knew because he liked me. It's no different than dating someone else, except that we can comment [people of all genders] being attractive. Once we met his ex girlfriend and ex boyfriend at the same time in a bar. He was ashamed, but I thought it was funny. & # 39; [via]

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9. "I've had a couple of bi ex-boyfriends. The only real difference I've ever noticed is that it was great to check out people jokingly [all] genera together. It did not change that I am fundamentally monogamous, and I expect that in a relationship. It did not make me jealous (I am a bi and I am not generally a jealous person), but it has not changed anything. "So, it is certainly not something that my previous partners had to hide or that bothered me, but like their former female partners, I don't want to hear about it in the bedroom. We can certainly still talk about it outside of a sexual context, and if your ex taught you this awesome thing you wanted to try with me? It matters to me who it is an ex you have learned, or their gender. & # 39; [via]10. "It's the same as dating a boy, my friend told me on the second date, just in case I thought it was a & # 39; deal breaker & # 39; but it wasn't. It doesn't interest me at all. He is welcome to tell me about former lovers or not. Whatever." [via]