Amber Heard details out to her family: "It was just tears"


Amber Heard, philanthropist, activist and actress, was an open book about her sexuality and alleged domestic violence. Now, the Aquarius star explained in detail how she came to her religious family. While speaking on a South by Southwest panel on Saturday, called & # 39; Making Changes on the Screen & # 39 ;, she told the crowd the difficult but constructive story about her family, slowly but ultimately accepting her sexuality. The 32-year-old said it proved that "attitudes and hearts can change".

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"I'm from Austin, Texas, my dad is & # 39; out of central casting & # 39; Texan," she explained. "Great barrel hat, handlebar mustache, loves his guns, good South man And I grew up in a religious house." Of course, as an outspoken, militant feminist, lesbian, atheist, vegetarian … I remember when I told them about my relationship, that I was in love with this woman … I remember it was just tears in the beginning. They were tears. "They didn't know how to handle it because we didn't build the infrastructure for acceptance and tolerance." she went on. & # 39; For them, it was thrown into a binary system to process it: negative or positive. & # 39;

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Amber has had a stunning bond with both men and women, the best known photographer Tasya van Ree, Johnny Depp and Elon Musk, and in an interview with Seduce in 2017 she never really & # 39; out & # 39; came to Hollywood because she refused & # 39; in & # 39; to be. Her family life was different. But after five years, she and her parents reached a turning point. "I got a prize and I asked my parents to drive to Dallas … And I look up and see them sitting in front, my dad with his cowboy hat, and here I get this & # 39; gay & # 39; prize," she said. "I gave a speech and I wrote something and I just looked at them and I said," Here's everything. I don't need a speech, this is the speech there: My parents watch the journey in five years. & # 39; "How inspiring.