The Major of the Bengaluru Army rapes a colleague by car; released on bail

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In a shocking incident, an army commander in Bengaluru allegedly raped his colleague in his car on the old airport road in Bengaluru East. The incident occurred on February 4, 2019 and a case was registered against the Army Major two days later.
The victim stated that she had attended a colleague's party on the evening of February 4 and that she had returned home late at night. The accused, Major Choudhary, had gone to her home later and asked her to come by car. The victim agreed because she was hungry and thought she could eat a bite.
According to a report from the Times of India, the accused then took the victim to an isolated place where both of them consumed alcohol in the car. The victim, in his complaint, stated that Major Choudhary then began to behave inappropriately with her.
The major then began to touch her improperly, which made her feel uncomfortable. She asked him to take her home and he started the car and started driving. However, he stopped the car, pushed the victim into the back seat and raped her. "He pushed me into the back seat of the car and raped me before I dropped me off at my home," the victim said in his complaint.
The woman was in shock for a few days. She showed courage and informed her family members and senior officials. She then lodged an oral complaint to them and was admitted to the command hospital for medical care.
On February 15, the woman went to the Viveknagar police station to file a RIP because it was necessary for the court. A case was brought against Major Choudhury under Articles 376 (rape) and 323 (voluntary infliction) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). Major Choudhury was later arrested, but released on bail.
The case was then transferred to the Ulsoor police after the Viveknagar police had identified the crime scene and found that it was not under his jurisdiction. "We are investigating the case and will prosecute the defendants," said Rahulkumar Shahapurwad, deputy police commissioner (East Division), quoted by TOI.

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