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Tell me that you've seen every single episode of Season 1 and 2 of Netflix & # 39; s Queer Eye reboot. TELL ME THAT YOU HAVE SEEN OR THAT WE WILL HAVE BIG PROBLEMS. Only junk. But seriously, you should immediately look because season 3 is NOW OUT! If you are old enough to remember the original Queer Eye, the restart is very similar, so don't worry that everything is different and scary. The Fab Five are still on a mission to help boys and girls improve every element of their lives. Some are straight, some are gay, some are looking for love and some are trying to improve an existing relationship. But everyone needs a little tidy up from the boys: Tan, Jonathan, Bobby, Antoni and Karamo. But who are these wonderful, stylish and, above all, caring men?

Tan France: fashion

Tan is an English-born fashion designer who first found his fashionable feet when he helped in his grandfather's growing denim factory. He later studied in secret fashion school. In 2011 he founded the Kingdom & State clothing company and he is also a partner in the 2016 Rachel Parcell clothing line. He lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, and is married to illustrator Rob. France.
Oh yes, he also likes patches, so …

Jonathan Van Ness: care

Jonathan and his silk-then-actually silk-hair are responsible for ensuring that the men of the United States of America take care of their hair, skin and beard. If he is in the area, one of the salons where JVN works is Arté Salon in the city of New York. But he also spends a lot of time in California, and that's when he works at Sola Salon Studios in the Brentwood district of Los Angeles.
But he is probably best known for his web series Gay Of Thrones, that's just the funniest Thronestheme you will find on the World Wide Web.

And, more importantly, it looks great in clashing prints.

Bobby Berk: design

According to his website, the Queer Eye & # 39; s The & # 39; rising to bona fide & # 39; IT status of the designer in the world of home design has more in common with being a rock star than with a contemporary designer. Originally from Texas, Bobby had big dreams about the big city and moved to New York in 2003 with just a few dollars to his name and no job in sight. "After working his way up in retail at Bed Bath & Beyond and Restoration Hardware to Creative Director at Portico Home + Spa, Bobby decided it was time to start his own brand. Since 2006, Bobby's retail division has been offering Berk Home consistently takes a unique approach to modern design to its clients Episomizing hip, minimalist urban luxury, Berk's designs reflect a stylish and youthful spirit that fits perfectly with any cool, relaxed lifestyle.Bobby has appeared as an expert on numerous television networks including HGTV, Bravo, NBC and CBS just to name a few.Bobby has been with his husband for 13 years and they have been married for five years, and he seems very excited about pillows, but that is neither here nor there.

Karamo Brown: culture

Karamo deals with most of the dating dilemmas on QEand boy is he good at it. We met father-of-two Karamo for the first time in 2004, when he actually showed, The real world: Philadelphia. He has done a few other reality TV bits and pieces, but has also worked as a social worker in subsequent years The real world. He is also an activist: he was a co-founder of 6in10.org, an incredible organization dedicated to fighting HIV stigmatization and providing mental health support and education to the LGBT community. He also has a preference for work trousers. And coats inspired by Mary Berry.

Antoni Porowski: food and wine

Antoni, perhaps the most beautiful man I have ever seen, has previously worked as a general manager and food consultant in New York. But he also did some acting in his time. He had rolls inside The Pretenders, Love Elliott and an episode of Blacklist. Queer Eye & # 39; s Tied Allen is a good friend of Antoni's and actually recommended him for the show. And in case you thought he couldn't look better, he was once blond, so there is …
But unfortunately he has not yet discovered how to dress …
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