ABC Exec reveals if Khloe Kardashian was really in talks

Before Hannah B. was announced as the next main actress of "The Bachelorette" on ABC, the name of Khloe Kardashian had been introduced into the conversation with the cast, thanks to Mike Fleiss, the creator of the franchise "The Bachelor". Fliss – known for attracting attention for his unfiltered tweets – wrote on Twitter that Kardashian was in talks to become the next "Bachelorette". He kept the story alive over the course of many tweets, until Kardashian blamed him for taking his name as clickbait. Released Stories "The Bachelorette & # 39; Khloe Kardashian to the creator of "Bachelor": "Stop or you'll hear from my lawyers" The Kardashian-Jenner Sisters are closing their subscription applications "I've already been in touch with my dear friend Kris Jenner about Khloe Kardashian as a Bachelorette, "tweeted Fleiss. "Stay tuned !!!" Kardashian and his famous family opposed Fleiss. Kardashian even threatened to sue, tweeting, "I'm not mad at a click for now. Stop or you'll hear from my lawyers. What insensitivity! ". His sister Kim Kardashian West also tweeted "Fake f-king news big time !!!! ". In a new interview with Variety Regarding the finale of season 23 of "The Bachelor", Rob Mills, head of the ABC reality TV channel, said if Kardashian was really in the race to become "The Bachelorette". Variety"Was it really real?", Replied the ABC manager, "Mike Fleiss and Kris Jenner know each other well, they've tried Miss America together, so they've spent time together and Kris is a friend of the series. "It was very premature and to be honest, Khloe was not wrong – she went through something and she was right to be a little angry because it's an extremely time-consuming I do not think there was any real conversation because it was not the right time for this conversation. "So did Kardashian actually slap legal papers in front of Fleiss? I know that did not happen, "said Mills. In a laugh, he added, "I think it was more important for Mike Fleiss than for ABC. I think Mike has figured out that he should move away. However, the executive does not count it when asked if ABC would consider having a real conversation with Kardashian about "The Bachelorette." "It never says," says Mills. "What you want is a scenario in which people are invested. With Jason Mesnick, he was a good guy, a single father that people wanted to see happy. Ben Higgins was a guy he did not feel lovable. [With Khloe]is a woman who has just had a baby and has been deceived – it's a powerful story that everyone could lose, even if you do not know anything about the Kardashians. Given the strength with which Kardashian reacted (not to say, his incredible long-running successful business, social media dominance, maternity, and his family's E!) Reality show, get Kardashian as "The Bachelorette" seems like a dream – at best.But, "The Bachelor" is a franchise is known to attract celebrities in episodes, the most plausible scenario is perhaps a miracle on the screen with the Kardashian-Jenner family : "If they want to come, they are more than welcome. Absolutely, "said Mills about the possibility of hosting one of the famous members of the family for a" Bachelor "cameo. The executive has made it clear that there has been no conversation about any appearance: "No, I think we'll let things cool down a bit," Mills said with a chuckle. Sign up for the Variety newsletter. For the latest news, follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.