A timeline of Tristan Thompson's love life

After a scandal of cheating, Khloé Kardashian finally ended his tumultuous relationship with his boyfriend Tristan Thompson. A source told People that Kardashian and Thompson "are 100%" after news revealed that Thompson, 27, cheated the following weekend. Valentine's Day with Kardashian's long-time best friend Kylie Jenner, model Jordyn Woods, 21 years old. Red talk On March 1, Woods told host Jada Pinkett Smith that Thompson kissed her while leaving a home party at home – but nothing more happened. This is not the first – nor the second time that the Cleveland Cavaliers player is accused of being too close to other women in a relationship. In case you do not follow the complicated story of Kardashian and Kardashian, we have broken down his love life between his first love story with his sweetheart and the public scandals that have undermined his relationship with the founder of Good American. .

2011: his university romance

While the athlete was not well known outside the sports world, his nascent relationship with Kardashian began to make headlines in September 2016, E! New reported that it was described in an article from Sportsnet Magazine this gave him a glimpse of his life after being ranked fourth overall in the NBA 2011. According to the point of sale, the lockout that followed him prompted him to return to the 39, School at the University of Texas full-time, where his biggest expense was a "furnished off-campus apartment he shares with his girlfriend, Whitney, UT graduate in the spring and working for a recruiting company in Austin ".

2014: He and ex-Jordan Craig go to Paris

Thompson began dating Jordan Craig, an influential social media and entrepreneur, in 2014. They took a romantic trip to Paris in August. Even though they did not post any photos together, they all documented their stay in the City of Love with solo photos of themselves – which seem to be taken from them. one for the other – for their respective account. Posing in front of Disneyland Paris Castle, Thompson subtitled a post on Instagram: "In this kind of situation, I'm back to being that little boy of the 6th …" Craig shared a similar photo of her in the same place.

2015: He and Jordan go to Jamaica

The two men also took a tropical getaway for Valentine's Day in 2015, where they took a private plane to a luxury hotel in Jamaica and shared solo snapshots of them again. same, posing against the same perfect scenery. Craig posted a photo of herself looking at the sea view from a bubble bath and simply titled "#VdayView", accompanied by a pink heart emoji. According to their Instagram photos, they returned to Jamaica a few months later for July 4th as well.

2016: He and Jordan welcome a son – and he is seen with Khloé Kardashian while Jordan is pregnant

The last trip mentioned by the two men was another escape to Jamaica to celebrate Valentine's Day in 2016. Craig then publicly revealed that she was pregnant with Thompson's son, Prince Oliver (whom she had welcomed December 12), when she had shared photos and videos of her. baby shower in October 2016 – a month after the first relationship between Thompson and Kardashian. The athlete and personality of reality TV were spotted during a Labor Day weekend getaway in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, and a source revealed to PEOPLE at the time "I saw myself for a little while." The source added: "It is not clear for now if it will turn out [into] Rumors have begun to circulate that Thompson left Craig during his pregnancy, but neither he nor Craig has confirmed whether he met Kardashian while he was still in a relationship. Kardashian then denied this in a comment on Instagram after a fan wrote: "He left his pregnant girlfriend to be with you and you think he will not leave you one day" on a clip deleted since she's posted. "PS, he has never left anyone for me," she said. "I've already said that, but as I've learned, the truth is n & # 39; Is not as exciting as a lie. So, lying is what gets traction. The truth seems to be buried and ignored. Anyway, everything is love and peace here.

2016: his relationship with Khloé takes off

Things quickly warmed up between the two partners, who were put together by a mutual friend. In the months following their vacation in Mexico, Kardashian spent much of his time with the Cleveland Cavaliers player, regularly taking the plane to support him and even displaying his NBA championship ring over the social media. "She supported it a lot and they are starting to be serious," a source told PEOPLE in October 2016. "They really appreciate each other."

The two men went full-blown with their Halloween costume, disguised as Marvel, Storm and Black Panther cartoon characters. Thompson has documented their looks on Instagram, sharing an intimate photo of them, close to each other and looking at each other (though he's not sure). wear a mask). At Christmas, the Ontario native presented another photo of the couple posing with coordinating fur coats, writing, "Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from me and mine, to you and yours."

2017: he and Khloe become serious – and later reveal that they're waiting

As their relationship progressed, Kardashian felt ready to move on to the next step with Thompson. She revealed on The amazing Kardashian family in June 2017 she had stopped taking birth control. "Tristan and I are really talking about starting a family," she said. "He wants to have about five or six kids with me and that's lovely. We could start at one o'clock and we could grow from there. Later this month, a source told PEOPLE that Kardashian was "very happy and positive" about his future with Thompson. "She absolutely hopes for a commitment," added the insider. In September 2017, many sources confirmed to PEOPLE that Kardashian and Thompson were waiting for a baby together. Kardashian waited for herself publicly to confirm the news until December 20, a week after the birth of Thompson's son, Prince.

2018: Tristan approaches another woman – a few days before the scheduled date for Khloe's delivery.

In April 2018, just days before Kardashian welcomed his daughter, photos and videos show that Thompson was approaching too much of a girl in a Manhattan bar. Another video filmed at five in the morning in a hotel with the same girl, which earned him accusations of fraud on Kardashian. "Tristan has consistently misled Khloe," said a source at PEOPLE at the time. "It's a cheat of series. And there will be more women coming out of the woods. "

Kardashian first pardoned the basketball player because she wanted him to be present at birth and the first few days with their baby. She then reflected, "My biggest fear was to be selfish and emotional (everything is understandable under these circumstances) during this time," she replied to a fan on Instagram. "I had to have a lot of discussions in me to stay calm. I want True to look back at her baby photo albums and see full love and happiness! She deserved to have her family in the room while she was taking her first breath! I am proud of the strength with which I found the strength to do everything for True before even knowing it. The new parents moved to Los Angeles, where they seemed to be stronger when they rebuilt their relationship during the summer. "She is determined to keep her family together," a source told PEOPLE. "And Tristan showed that he was attached to Khloe, so Khloe will make it work."

2018: Khloe and he are separated – and rumors circulate that they have split.

In the fall, Thompson returned to Cleveland for his NBA season. Khloe and True were finally in Los Angeles. Sources told PEOPLE that their relationship was "in the air", although they met to spend Halloween with their family.

In the months that followed, the couple triggered multiple rumors shared as Kardashian continued to publish enigmatic quotes on social media, and Thompson apparently seemed to stay away. A source later revealed to PEOPLE, "They have lived separate lives."

2019: He cheats Khloe with Jordyn Woods

In February 2019, information was revealed that Thompson had once again been unfaithful, posing as Jordy Woods, a close friend of the Kardashian-Jenner family, at a party. He quickly responded to the news by tweeting and quickly removing a message saying "FAKE NEWS", which seems to belie this information. Woods then confirmed this information in an episode of Red talk, saying that Thompson kissed her as she was leaving an afternoon at home, but nothing was happening anymore. "I am not a shipwrecked person," she said. After the interview, Kardashian tweeted, "Why are you lying @jordynwoods?" If you want to save your skin by becoming public, you must at least be honest about your story. BTW, you're the reason why my family broke up! She went on with another tweet accusing her ex, too. "Tristan is also to blame but Tristan is the father of my child," she wrote. "No matter what he does to me, I will not do that to my daughter. He addressed this situation privately. If Tristan was lying publicly about what conspired, then yes, I would talk to him publicly too. "

In the wake of the scandal, a source told PEOPLE, "Khloé is fine. She is still unhappy with what happened and talks a lot about it. But it really seems that she is able to see what everyone has seen for so long – that she has always been too good for Tristan. They added, "She deserves so much better. A second source told PEOPLE that "things are never really back to normal" between the two couples since the first cheating scandal. The duo has not been photographed together since January 13, when they went out for dinner at Craig's in West Hollywood following the Cavaliers' game against the Los Angeles Lakers.

2019: He goes out with someone new to N.Y.C.

In the two weeks following Woods' interview, Thompson was photographed with model Karizma Ramirez in New York. The two men ate at Carbone, and he was supposed to bring two cups of coffee to his hotel one morning. Ramirez had already been linked to singer Chris Brown in 2013, according to Page Six, and is followed by Blac Chyna on Instagram. outlet, reports that Brown, 29, and Ramirez get together at the Finale nightclub in New York where she was working as a waiter. The model also participated in the Hooter swimsuit contest in 2010. Ramirez did not immediately respond to PEOPLE's request for comment.